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10 Reasons For Students To Use Wikipedia

As Wikipedia is a great encyclopedia, it is a good source of obtaining information for the students who are continuously seeking authentic knowledge. In the conventional learning method teachers provide almost all the information to the students and they do not need to go anywhere in search of info. But in the modern method of teaching, teachers provide the least info to students and ask them to search more on their own thoroughly.

Wikipedia is a multilingual platform to which millions of volunteers contribute to it. For the purpose of contributing to Wikipedia, one has to create a Wikipedia page. Many do it on their own but most of them choose to hire a Wikipedia consultant in order to write an article for Wikipedia, but one can edit the existing article without making a Wikipedia page.

It has a strong community of volunteers who write and edit for the Wikipedia platform. Wikipedia does not pay anyone to edit and write an article for it. Volunteers do it for their own sake.  A few of them want to contribute because they are willing to write while a few of them write for their promotion goals. Although Wikipedia does not encourage users to promote their business or anything, users still promote by using indirect promotion methods.

Wikipedia provides a great opportunity for the students to search more, learn more and grow more. It also allows them to become a contributor to knowledge instead of just gaining from it. A million users add their keen insights to Wikipedia voluntarily about the topic of their own choice. There Are multiple valid reasons why students use Wikipedia. There are numerous reasons for students to use Wikipedia for the purpose of researching and writing some of them are mentioned below:

Reason 1: Maintain connection with global visitors

When a student transforms into a potential contributor and starts adding his contributions to Wikipedia then his contributions can be seen by millions of Wikipedia global visitors. As we all know Wikipedia is the most visited site so obviously it is having a high global reach. Moreover, students feel motivated when their work is appreciated by others.

Reason 2: Helps in enhancing writing skills

It assists students to enhance their writing skills by sharing with the different contributors on the internet. Proficiency in writing comes with time and experience. The more you write the more your writing will improve. Wikipedia allows students to enhance their writing skills

Reason 3: Ongoing constructive feedback encourages them to do more

Students can get ongoing feedback from the professional writers through the platform of Wikipedia so that they will be able to improve further immediately. Feedback plays an important role in the process of learning.

Reason 4: Developing a sense of critical thinking

Critical thinking is important in every aspect. Using Wikipedia promotes a sense of critical thinking in the students and the prospective writers so they would easily analyze their shortcomings. It is a must-have skill these days which is on-demand.

Reason 5: Awareness of copyrights

Due to the strict policies of Wikipedia, it provides awareness of copyrights to the contributors. The guidelines are simple but critical to some extent. Students become aware of what are copyrights and what are the infringements and how to avoid them.

Reason 6: Interaction with many

Interaction plays an important role in every place. It provides great exposure and experience to those who are in the process of learning. Wikipedia allows students to interact with new writers and readers on a daily basis. Interaction makes students better cognizant and aware of the trending topics so that they can write about them in the future.

Reason 7: Helpful in assignments

From the primary school-going kids to the high school or the university going, Wikipedia is the primary source of knowledge for many. Students search for the topic of their assignment and it provides an extensive range of diversified knowledge to the students so that they can make their assignments easily and with maximum productivity.

Reason 8: Helps in learning digital etiquette

There are numerous diverse etiquettes for roaming around at different places which must need to be followed at that specific place. The same is the case with roaming around the internet and going online, it requires manners and etiquette too. With the help of contributions on the Wikipedia platform, students learn digital manners and etiquette about how to interact with someone whom you have never met and never seen in person. It is quite a difficult task.

Reason 9: Diversified experience

With the help of the Wikipedia page, students get diversified experience and exposure by interacting with the maximum number of people in a day. The more diversified experience they gain it is the chance that the more exceptional and outstanding their write-ups will be.

Reason 10: students will be are of the facts even more

In mainstream schools, students read history as a subject and many found it boring and uninteresting. With the help of Wikipedia, students find these history-related facts interesting and now they are exploring them even more.

Concluding point

Wikipedia has brought ease to the lives of many no matter if they are readers, writers, scholars, researchers, or just a student. Wikipedia assists students who are going to be prospective writers in the future. It provides them with a free platform where they can post their articles and gain feedback for further improvement.

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