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Family Portrait Drawing shouldn’t be hard read these tips

Family portrait Drawing

Today we will discuss about Family Portrait Drawing. Do you want to order a family portrait from me, but you don’t have any ideas? Or do you have too much? Do you have any doubts about the final rendering? You have to think of everything: the drawing of the characters, the setting in the scene, the history of the picture, the emotion, the choice of colors, and the décor are all parameters to consider to obtain a top rendering. It’s straightforward. Here are my tips for a drawing that will look like you AND that will be super pretty. We can teach your kids about school Drawing from our website.

A standing family portrait?

Do you hesitate between the characters drawn on the same level or just the portrait? If you have an idea of ​​staging or a staging, go for the single story. The portrait drawing emphasizes the faces, the emotions between the characters. That said, we can add a bit of staging in the portrait drawing and emotion in the single-story drawing. And then there is a question of budget! Portrait drawing that requires less labor has a more attractive price.

Family members must interact.

Let’s take the example of this staging:

  • Dad does the garden.
  • Mom cuts the roses.
  • Ginette rides a bike.
  • Tom plays with the dog.

Even if it is representative of daily family life, drawing does not add much. To create emotion, I would instead draw Tom, who offers a rose to his fulfilled mom, accompanied by his dad, who holds Ginette by the hand.

The positioning of the characters.

It is generally more interesting to group the characters close together. Visually, when the characters are scattering to the left, bottom, top, or right of the drawing, we tend to lose the thread of the story, the rendering is less aesthetic, and the décor takes up more space than the characters, which is not the point.

Highlight the common point of family members.

Find a standard prop to “weld” the family or group together. If I go back to the example of the family in the garden, I will draw each character with gardening gloves. We would symbolically find this lovely little thing that unites the family, and it would give meaning to the drawing “they were all preparing a surprise for the mother.” In addition, for the harmony of colors, it’s great. Premium post

A family portrait, several characters.

In our example, if Tom is shy, he will have one hand behind his back and his gaze tender, his head bowed a little. The mischievous Ginette will have a big smile and laughing eyes. The outgoing mum will open her arms wide and shout with joy, and the gentleman dad will be slightly back with a benevolent smile. Facial expressions are enough. 

Choose the message to convey.

It is your message that will bring all the emotion to the drawing. It can be love, friendship, trust, dynamism, madness, a memory, a song, a passion for helping you find the right message, asking yourself what unites you to the Family Portrait Drawing. Who you are offering this design to, or what do you want to tell them. I chose the example of the family in the garden while thinking of Mother’s Day. Therefore, I draw the mother in the center, surrounded by her family, who offers her a rose.

A family portrait in color.

Good colors, it isn’t straightforward, so I’ll keep it short. I advise you to choose five colors and test on paper with colored pencils, see if you like the association. It would serve if you also recognized that your hair and skin colors would add to your palette. If you kick in touch, you can take a look at Mr. Pug’s Instagram account! A color chart creator who offers magnificent combinations.

The decoration of the portrait.

There are certain matters to recognize when choosing whether to add décor and whether or not to colorize it. If there are many characters on your drawing, I would not add decoration so as not to weigh down the drawing. If there are few characters but colorful and bright clothing, you can put a black and white décor. Conversely, if you have few characters with rather lambda or sober outfits, a color décor will bring light. In any case, remain in the determination that the set should not take precedence over the characters.

The portrait should not be overloaded.

Forget overloaded drawings. More and more accessories are adding, cars/motorcycles, trees, bicycles, helicopters, a plane with a banner that leaves a message the more we lose in elegance on the one hand. In addition, we forget the essential: the characters and the emotion.


But not too much. We quickly get tired of long sentences and even more jokes, so I recommend giving a name (surname or place or mantra) with a date. Here is! I hope this article has helped you in making your family portrait. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer your messages.

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