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Describe the evolution of the Hair transplant treatment?

There are many ways to take care of your hair and stop rapid hair fall and baldness. Still, masses cannot control their hair loss. If you do not try the Fue hair transplant yet, go immediately to opt for the hair transplant in Ludhiana. After that, you may feel free from your hair falling stress. Besides this, a Hair transplant in Punjab has a well-trained team of doctors who will apply new hairs to your bald head from the donor areas of your body without causing any side effects. It is undeniable that hair transplantation has brought a big revolution in hair transplant surgery in this modern era.

The brief abstract of the Hair transplant

Aim: There are several methods to rectify your bald scalps, such as surgical and non-surgical procedures. It is irrefutable that technology gives the medical field a wide range of tools to perform different surgeries, whether related to hair transplants or other restoration surgeries. Therefore, well-trained and qualified hair experts come in front to perform hair transplant surgeries to extract the best results. A new fue hair transplant technique makes hair transplant more robust and beneficial for the masses.

Methods: If we talk about the historical evolution of hair transplants, there were 2078 total hair transplants done in 2014 from January to December. Currently, direct hair transplant and fue ( Follicular unit extraction) hair transplants are complete. Hair grafts eliminate from the donor area with the hand-cut razor blade. However, nowadays, new pens are coming into use to perform a few transplants.

Recapitulation: We do not deny that hair transplantation surgeries give positive outcomes to people. However, non-surgical methods may extract better results for the individuals, but they may not be permanent. They may only survive until people use antibiotic products for hair growth.

A quick look at the previous year’s succession

From January to December 2014, 207 patients took advantage of hair transplants, including beard and mustache transplantation, female patient transplantation, multisession transplantations, etc. All the patients were injected with the injection of general anesthesia, and the hair length varied from one to two mm. A micromotor came into use to harvest the hair. Then, these follicles gather with hand-piece punches under 0.8 to 1.2 mm in diameter. Haircutting is performed in a supine position so that the hair follicle splits from the tissues without any significant injury to the head.

Moreover, these grafts collect in Petri dishes under 4 degrees celsius. The donor area dresses up with sterile saline-coated gauze. After that, the fue technique came into action to implant these grafts on the bald area of the scalp, beard, and mustaches of the patients. All the grafts implanted on the bald scalp like natural hair follicles. People got excellent results after a few months of this hair transplant.

The Profile Hair Transplant Centre is famous for its vital services of hair transplant methods. They helped thousands of individuals who first thought they did not grow their hair at any cost. YOu can also try hair transplant surgery to attract new hair growth on your bald scalp.

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