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Digital Marketing

Check This Out! 7 Things To Consider When Creating A Business Logo

As part of your business, having a logo should be one of your priorities. It’s important since it has a huge impact on your entire business. It’ll also help people to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Furthermore, it also gives the first impression of what your business is about.

In creating your business logo, you should also consider its impact on your marketing strategy. In addition, as digital marketing is becoming more essential, you should make your logo applicable to both traditional and digital marketing.

So if you’re going to start making your business logo, here’s the list of things you should consider along the way!

1. Style and Concept

To think of the best possible logo for your business, you must first brainstorm to gather all the ideas. You can create a team to think about the good sides of your business, pin or write them down, and talk about them. As you and your team converse, your creativity will lead you to an idea of what your brand is about.

From there, you can gradually translate it to its visual representation. You can look for your competitors to see what the trend looks like. However, you shouldn’t rely on trendy designs as they can get old quickly. Knowing your brand is enough to create a unique concept for your business logo.

2. Colours

Scared of ending up with a poor-quality logo? One of the important things you should consider in making your logo is the colours. If you’ve tried printing an online photo, then you may already know that colours can be a lot different.

Graphic designers are aware that RGB is the colour option for your print needs, while CMYK is the best to include in your digital marketing strategy. But since it’s your first time doing this, you should know the differences between these two colour options.

As a beginner, you should consider black and white so that you’ll just need to make minimal adjustments for digital and print.


3. Mediums

As mentioned before, your medium can be digital or print so you’ll have to create many versions of the logo. Moreover, to achieve high-quality forms of it, you should also consider the clarity, resolution, and size.

Try your logo draughts on all mediums you’re planning to use. More importantly, even though you’ll be using a logo online, there are also different adjustments when posted on a certain website or social media platform. For example, if you post something on Facebook, it may be a bit blurry compared to Instagram.

On the other hand, the print-based format also differs depending on the size and material used. If you’re going to print brochures, you’ll just need a smaller form of the logo than the one you’ll use for a billboard.

4. Fonts

Choosing a font for your business logo is also crucial. You don’t want to affect the entire design by making the mistake of picking a font that not anyone can read. Additionally, you should also consider the type of your business when choosing fonts.

It will be a weird combination if your business should be presented formally, yet you choose to incorporate a fun font. In addition, whether the use of your logo is for big or small format, pick a font that can still be read whatever the circumstance is.


5. Audience

At this point, you may already have identified your target demographic. It’s important to consider them when creating your business logo since you’re encouraging them to be curious about your brand.

When including them in your logo-making process, you need to know what are the possible parts of visual references they’re into. If your target audiences are mostly spending time online, then your logo can be mostly incorporated with your digital marketing plan. You should also access the things that usually attract them like minimalism and other elements.

Moreover, let them feel as if your brand is solely created for them.

6. Meaning

It’s essential that you can tell the meaning behind your logo. Of course, before you came up with its parts, you might have thought of the role they’re playing. For instance, when Xiaomi changed its logo from square to squircle, it was explained that the change has something to do with the “internal spirit and mentality of the brand”.

If you think about it, brand logos are not always understood as they are. Sometimes, the creators should also confirm the underlying meaning of how they came up with it.


7. Overall appeal

Done with your draught? It’s time to ask some people in your target demographic what they think about your logo. After conducting a survey, you can make some changes necessary, then conduct another survey.

If you’ve reached the part when they like everything about your logo, then you can finally use it. If it’s effective now, you can still observe the future customers, then alter it gradually.


Now that you know the things you should consider in making your business logo, it’s time to start working! Don’t forget to share with us your favourite part of creating a business logo by leaving a comment below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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