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Best Graphic Design Software of 2021

Using amazing graphic design tools can really make a difference for your business. You can easily start capturing the attention of your audience, while bringing something new and creative into the mix. The main focus when you choose graphic design software is to find something that covers your needs and requirements. With that in mind, there are some tools that will make a difference in regards to how you work. Here are the best solutions for graphic design this year.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud has pretty much all you need, from Photoshop to Illustrator and anything in between. If you are a creative and you want to have access to a premium set of tools, then Adobe Creative Cloud is the right idea. It has the best design tools, the user interface is great and you even get cloud storage space. All these things are incredible, and you will find yourself impressed with the benefits and quality.

Granted, with Adobe Creative Cloud you do need to pay a subscription which includes all the apps from Adobe, so it can get expensive. But in the end, the return on investment is incredible. You really have everything you want when it comes to design tools, transferring stuff between apps is easy, and you can edit all you need in no time. It’s maybe the very best solution when it comes to graphic design, and the quality is indeed unrivaled. That’s what makes Adobe Creative Cloud great, because it gives everything under a single umbrella, and you can choose what you need and what you want from that solution. Which is exactly what makes it a good approach in the first place.


CorelDraw is another great set of tools created especially for graphic requirements. It’s coming with a very good, accessible interface and it’s extremely easy to adapt to your needs. It has a ton of templates, fonts and interactive frames, gradients, etc. The fact that you can start with all of those and build your way up is great, and it shows the value that you can achieve with this type of content.

Additionally, there are multiple payment programs to go for. It’s important to note that the UI can be customized, which is a really important aspect of the entire process. Corel also has a pointilizer tool that actually helps you access some interesting parameters. All these tools are very efficient, you have support for external graphics hardware and everything you may need.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is seen as a great and more affordable alternative to Illustrator. It’s very fast, and it comes with a rather impressive grid system that helps you set up grids in your project. They also added some snapping options, so you can lock and then position elements the way you want. There’s also an innovative zoom feature here, so you can get the utmost accuracy and ensure everything is looking perfect.

Add to that the fact that Affinity Designer helps you create in vector or pixel art, and you can see why it’s so reliable and efficient in the first place. The tool itself has Boolean operations, multiple color selections and an incredible iPad app too. All of these combined make Affinity Designer a great solution, especially for anyone interested in graphics. That’s what makes it well worth the investment.


Inkscape is a free to use graphic design software. It can be great if you want to design any type of graphics at your own pace. It’s regularly updated, so it constantly receives new features and benefits. On top of that, the user interface is very impressive, it’s customizable and you can easily customize the code of the app if you want. That’s what makes it the ideal option for a lot of people. Despite the fact that it’s free, this is a tool that rivals with some of the best that you can find on the market. That’s what makes it well worth the time!


All of these great solutions can help up the game when it comes to graphic design. It does take a little while to narrow down what works for you. But at the end of the day, all of these are great tools that will make your graphic design experience better and more cohesive. It’s not easy to create the best graphic work, but the potential can be incredible if you do it right. Just avail the opportunity and you will find yourself happy with all these amazing graphic design tools!

Dolphin Computers strive to provide our customers with straightforward and seamless means through which they can buy Graphic Design Software Online in India and they also cover the whole suite of Corel and Adobe products. What sets their services apart from the rest is the fact that, alongside simply having all the exciting Corel & Adobe products that users would want, Dolphin Computers also gives its customers straightforward and easy payment methods along with complimentary technical support required during installation of the software.

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