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Artificial Intelligence in UX UI design

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the use of Artificial Intelligence in almost every industry. Artificial Intelligence in UX UI design did some exceptional work in these industries. Artificial Intelligence is basically used to improve process and efficiency, speed, and less cost in ux ui design.

People are concerned about human jobs are being replaced by robots. Almost every industry which produces is using Artificial Intelligence in UX UI design according to their requirements.

Artificial Intelligence in UX UI design will not take over our jobs. Instead, it’ll help designers to work more efficiently and will be able to meet customer demand and expectations. It’ll help us to create a better user experience web design. Robots are definitely not replacing ui ux development services or designers. Website designers and developers should use Artificial Intelligence for creating a better user experience and interface.

Robots won’t replace UX UI design

In the near future robots will replace blue collar jobs i.e. drivers (replaced by self-driving cars), delivery drones, chatbots, and professionals who do repetitive tasks. But in UX designing, web design is a very complex part. Humans have the ability to create empathy for users for our designs. I think designers and robots should work together in the future. Maybe in the future, AI will change the role of designers or change the way how they design with the help of robots.

UX designers are just as in demand as ever?

YES. Maybe the nature of the work is changed but the need for UX design is not faded. Whenever a new technology comes, UX design adapts and evolves to meet customer expectations and fulfil their needs. One thing is changed about UX designer is that it is divided into major professions like UX writing, UX development, and UX strategy. Some companies want UX designers to conduct user research and some want to create UX design content. Different types of the organization want different types of skill sets in UX designer. There are so many things a UX designer can do like user research, information architecture, interface design, and content strategy.

Does AI change the role of UX Designers?

AI won’t replace UX designers but definitely change the role of UX designers. Before the introduction of user experience, designers have specified defined roles like graphic designer and web designer. But now high skilled designers who are able to create a better user experience and interface are much needed. Studies and surveys indicate that creative possibilities have increased with the introduction of AI in UX design.

How AI can enhance designers’ capabilities?

1. Reduce manual labor and increase productivity.
2. AI is capable of collecting and analyzing a huge amount of data. UX UI designers use this data to make better design choices.
3. Capable of a large amount of data analysis and optimization.
4. Helps in creating a more personalized user experience.
5. Help in small optimizations so that designers can more focus on strategic product decisions.

AI tools that help UX Designers

Adobe Sensei: – Adobe Sensei helps designers to create customer experience more efficiently. It helps you to find assets according to your project requirement very quickly.

Uizard: – This tool is used to fasten the designing process using AI. It converts wireframes into designs and sketch files automatically and saves UX UI designers time.

Figma: – Figma helps designers to change text, and other design elements and features in a very efficient and quick way.
It depends on the designers how effectively and efficiently they use AI tools in web design. Human touch is always needed while using AI tools. Designers can change or edit the web design features, elements or layout if users don’t like it.


AI is an evolution, which everyone needs to understand and use according to their needs. The world is changing so does job roles and job possibilities. Always open to new possibilities. We all know how AI helps Google and save a lot of time. AI is evolved in our daily lives. So User experience becomes an important part of our lives. Whenever users visit your website you can analyze data with the help of AI and can improve your website performance.

AI can measure user’s time, how much time they spend on a particular web page, types of devices, countries they are coming and many other factors. But for improvement, ux design company relays on their UX designers. AI is able to enhance user experience with the help of designers. Right now you may be thinking that you should join the UX design world or not or maybe you want to make a career change and want to shift from UX design to another field but every profession is evolving these days.

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