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Computers and Technology

Best All In One Ink Tank Printers Under 10000 in 2021

Printers are underestimated in our technical world of today. The name printer itself demands a rectification now as the device no longer just prints. It scans, it copies and of course, it is a thing of beauty now. How do you print? Do you go out every time you want a printout? When you go out to get a printout in the market, it is the usual convention to charge you from 5 to even 25 rupees. That drives one to look towards buying their own printer. Not only would it let you print, but it would also let you scan and photocopy your documents as well. And the cherry on the cake appears when you find a printer in your price range.

2021 brings with itself new designs at exceptionally affordable prices. You would find printers starting from 6000 to whatever price you want to offer. We have selected some best printers for you in the range under 10000 so that you get one for yourself and drop that going out every time job.

Here are our recommendations on the best all-in-one ink tank printers under 10000 for the year 2021. We will recommend the 4 best ink tank printers under 10000.

Best Ink tank printer under 10000

Let’s start with our 4th champion

4. Canon Pixma E560 (6500/-)

Design and build

  • A boxy design
  • Plastic body

Printing Features

  • Heavy-duty printer
  • 4800×1200 resolution.
  • It can get you 5-7 colored pages per minute
  • With black and white pages, it can provide 1200×1200 resolution
  • It can print up to 9 black and white pages per minute.

Scanning Features

  • Flatbed CIS scanner
  • 600×1200 DPI resolution, it scans documents with a 48-bit depth color.
  • 15-20 seconds per scan

Printing cost

  • Costs 1.5 rs per black and white print
  • 4 rs per color print
  • Can give 800 black and white and 300 colored pages in one fill.


Auto dupleix printing

  • Ink-efficient, wi-fi connective printer
  • Has a big control panel and is multi-functional.

In conclusion, it is a highly affordable, good-looking, good-quality printer. Just because it charges a little extra per print, we have put it up at number 4. Though, it can be number one for you if you compare the price range.

3. HP 310 (9899/-)

  • Design and build quality
  • With a complete plastic build
  • Different than others because ink tank is separately given at the right side
  • Top-loading feature

Printing Features

  • 4-5 colored prints per minute
  • 4800×1200 DPI resolution
  • 8000 colored pages in one fill
  • 7-5 grayscale pages per minute
  • 1200×1200 resolution
  • 6000 black and white pages per fill

Scanning Features

  • CIS flatbed scanner
  • 1200×1200 DPI resolution
  • 5-6 grayscale and 2 colored pages per minute
  • 21 seconds per page

Printing Cost

  • 10 paise per black and white printing
  • 20 paise per colored page printing


  • The LCD display on top
  • All-in-one ink tank printer
  • Print settings display

A new design makes this printer look like a different device. It is a very beautiful home decor device. Just inching the range, this is a commendable device.

2. Canon Pixma G2000 (10,399/-)

Design and Build quality

  • Solid plastic body
  • Top panel control buttons
  • Paper tray at the top with 100-page capacity

Printing Features

  • 5 colored pages per minute
  • 4800×1200 DPI resolution
  • 8 black and white pages
  • 4800×1200 DPI resolution

Scanning Features

  • CIS flatbed scanner
  • 600×1200 DPI resolution
  • 7 copies per minute
  • 19 seconds per scan

Printing Cost

  • 8 paise per black and white print
  • 21 paise per colored print


  • All-in-one ink tank printer
  • Print, scan, and copy
  • 7000 pages per fill

With just 399 rs above your price range, this is a must-buy device. Printing cost is commendably low and compared to every other printer, this one runs till the end.

  1. Epson L3100 (10,699/-)

Design and Build

  • Elegant design
  • Control buttons at the front
  • Convenient to use

Printing Features

  • Excellent color quality
  • 5760×1400 DPI resolution
  • 20 grayscale pages per minute
  • 7500 colored and 4500 grayscale pages in one fill

Scanning Features

  • CIS flatbed scanner
  • 600×1200 DPI resolution
  • Brilliant Scanning color accuracy
  • 11-28 second per scan

Printing Cost

  • 7 paise per black and white print
  • 18 paise per colored print


  • A little over your price range but worth spending a little extra
  • Multi-function ink tank printer
  • Print, scan, copy
  • Paper tray at the back

Ofcourse, this is the champion no. 1. What else to say now? This printer is our best buy. Worth its cost and more than that. It combines the best parts of all the above printers including cost effectiveness and everything. You would love it!

These printers would be enough for you if you are a homey and need it for personal use. They are the best affordable printers and not even one of them would be a disappointment for you. After you buy one of these printers for yourself, you would not be able to live without one. Go out and grab one!

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