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All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Audit

Marketing is an important aspect for all business owners we all can agree to that without any doubt. People often do not realize how important it is to conduct a Digital Marketing audit of their website. And the way their overall marketing plan is conducted. If you are looking for a PPC Service Provider and want to request a digital marketing audit for your brand. There is no place better than the Ingenious Guru. While you are on the mission to look for the perfect way to boost your business in the marketing area, or if you feel like your marketing aspect needs a fresh air its time you conduct a thorough digital marketing agency.

When the overall process of audit is done accurately. It can give you all the right answer to what can you do to enhance the overall current strategy. Now the main question is, what exactly is the digital marketing audit? It is simply a current and detailed investigation of all kinds of efforts of digital marketing. All your practices, ads and strategies performance is evaluated and gives you a complete picture of where you lack and the areas you should make an improvement in.

The occasional and regular reviews are too perfect to create the positive change in the website or your business. It tells you what strategies are working and what are not working. In case you notice a slight drop in a few areas of your overall marketing initiatives know that it is not a failure for you. Rather it means your audit is done all right and now its time you work on those areas to turn your weaknesses into your strength.

Time To Get On To It

Once you have decided its time for your audit. It is imperative for you to make sure that you have a solid idea about where you want to go and what are your website goals? What do you want to achieve through your ads, blog posts and social media posts? Who your audience is and how to deal with them? Is your audience responding alright to your tactics of digital marketing?

When do you think was the last time you started working on the search engine optimization? How long have your website had been functioning? Is it user friendly? Are your customers satisfied with your website and can access to it easily? Does the website perform exactly how you planned it to perform? Is the mobile optimization rightly done? Your auditors will ask a few questions from you to make sure you know how your website is functioning or if it is alright. Once you give them all the concrete and right answers, your website audit process can start.
Tips to Audit

1) Content Marketing Audit

When you are performing a content audit, you begin with taking blog inventory along with the landing pages. At the Ingenious Guru’s, the experts there run their client’s website with the help f search engine optimization crawler which is widely known as the SEO crawler. The crawler helps in learning more about the content fundamentals of the site. The audit experts then learn about different areas of the websites which include meta title, meta descriptions, title tags and all the other technical information about the current content. It is important to consider both rank ability and searchability according to your website needs.

Once you are done with the basics, it is important to analyze all the found information and make recommendations accordingly regarding how to improve the content. Go deep dive into how amazingly the overall content contributes in helping your customers get the information they need to make the purchase. They help you deal with your customers in a better way.

2) Social Media Audit

As important it is to have an authentic and solid social media marketing strategy for your business, it is equally important to conduct social media audit every now and then. You cannot just let go of this aspect of your marketing while having SMM. While auditing it is important for you to define the particular goals of all the campaigns as it is the first step of your audit. Then you should begin analyzing the social media footprint of your website, see where you have created the community and how can they engage.

With all the information, you can now evaluate whether the goals that you have stated match with the platforms or not. Your voice and everything will be assessed and judged according to the plans yo have for your business. Apart from this the marketing and audit specialists will analyze how all the social communities move from the top marketing funnel to the bottom. Once you are done with the overall evaluation, you can begin the process of strategy making. It can be very simple starting from posting organically on Facebook only or could be as complicated as using multiple platforms for the advertising purpose.


Nicole Botello, I have been working in the field of web design since 2005. I am currently working as an independent designer.

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