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Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress CMS

Well, it’s highly essential to have a website that represents your business online. It forges an opportunity to expand your business remarkably. Your brand can’t witness any significant success in the business until you made an amazing website with the help of a custom WordPress development service provider. It gives you an online presence which helps to reach the maximum possible customers. 

Whenever you think of developing a website the first name that would come to you is WordPress. It’s the most used and preferred CMS by many website development companies. It was first built for a blogging purpose however later on it became the best platform for all types of websites as well. Out of many other platforms people are choosing WordPress to develop a website and more than 40% of websites on the internet are built from WordPress.

Based on the requirements you can choose the free theme or the premium version of it to use as a base of your website and then you can customize it as per your niche. Almost all WordPress themes come with basic features and functionality that can reduce the development time of your entire website. 

Another advantage is WordPress website development services can create a completely custom design for your website to make your website look unique from all other websites. Complete unique and user-friendly design helps you to get maximum user traffic to your website which resultantly boosts your business. 

However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of this platform which you need to know before using it. So, let’s discuss it. 


1. Easy to use for beginners

It is always better to go with a WordPress development services provider to create a fully functional and user-friendly website however WordPress is one of the easiest CMS to use for developing a website. 

You can easily create a website by choosing any best WordPress theme. Even you can make changes like add, delete, modify in any of the sections of your website. You just need basic technical knowledge to develop or modify the website. Therefore, this is how it’s easy to use for any user. 

2. Largest Community

As many people are using WordPress then obviously it has become the largest community across the globe. In any case, if you’re stuck at any point then they can help you to resolve your problem. 

There are plenty of good WordPress website development services providers in the market that can help you at any point of time for WordPress services. They are creating many new free themes, premium themes, and custom website developments for various types of businesses. You can keep in touch with them in various ways like online forums, chats, and many more. Hence, due to the largest community in the world people are using it.

3. Plenty of themes and plugins

WordPress consists of a myriad of themes and plugins to choose from based on your requirements. It gives your website a better user and visual experience. 

Everyday you may see some new WordPress themes with some more advanced features and modern designs. The best part of the theme is it’s multipurpose that means a single theme can be used for many purposes. Additionally, the plugins of the WordPress let you add more features and functionality in your website. For different purposes, you can find plugins as per your need and that’s why WordPress becomes ideal for business website builders. 

Thus, due to the wide range of choices of themes and plugins, it becomes the first choice for many developers. 


1. Lot of updates

Once you install WordPress, be ready to get a number of updates. Definitely, updates make your site more advanced by adding more features and functionality. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that after installing updates you may lose your data. So, you must have backed up all the data. 

Additionally, after installing the update some of the plugins may stop working so you need to keep in mind that you must have alternatives for it. Thus, this is how updates of the best WordPress themes and plugins may create problems for you. 

2. Security issues

As WordPress is an open source content management system, it increases the chances of security breach. Hackers can easily crack the security and it’s vulnerable to malicious attacks. 

It’s true that if your website isn’t able to provide string security to the user’s data and activity then it would not be further used by them. You should know which Woocommerce theme would be the perfect choice for your eCommerce business. Security is highly essential these days. 

Wrapping up

In this world of technology, you must have a website to uplift your business remarkably. There is no such substitute of a website, you must have it. It’s true that a good WordPress website development services provider can create a complete custom website in WordPress that is as per current trend,  feature-rich and scalable so it is better to get the website created from a professional than creating it by yourself to avoid future issues. 


Bella Cory is a custom passionate blogger. She is well known for her professional writing blogs. She loves travelling and exploring new places.

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