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5 Best Spin Wheel Plugins For WordPress Sites

Do you know what spin wheel plugins exactly do? And why do we integrate them into our WordPress websites?

Spin wheels are the lead generation plugins that attract your website visitors and compel them to hit the wheel and see what they are going to win?

It is a kind of pop-up, and they appear once your website is opened by any visitor. This pop-up will require an email address or other contact information to enable them to spin the lucky wheel.

Once an email address is inserted, it saves into the record for generating lead campaigns. This is why they are specifically called lead generation tools or wheel of fortune. They are exciting!

Let us explore some of the interesting facts about those lucky wheels, and then we will hop on the best five spin wheel plugins for your WordPress websites.

Fun Facts about Spin Wheel

  • The first-ever spin-to-win wheel idea came up with the ‘Hangman’ game in 1975. It created a wheel of fortune and became a high-rated game show in the United States of America.
  • Star Alliance, a German airline company, installed a spin-to-win wheel campaign at the Travel Trade Show. The results were surprising; it generated a 68% conversion rate and promoted their product globally.
  • Visit Britain, a tourism company in Great Britain UK, experienced a spin-to-win wheel for Christmas festival to increase their online selling and it did it. The company successfully increased the conversion rate up to 59% by using the lucky wheel lead generation campaign.

So, are you ready to become one of the success stories of using spin wheel plugins to your WordPress website and generate insanely amazing leads? Happy reading!

1. OptinSpin

Optin is a smart lead generation plugin for WordPress websites that captures the incredible number of visitors’ attention and agrees to insert their contact details for hitting a lucky wheel.

You can call it a marketing tool instead because after using this spin wheel plugin, you will not have to spend a penny on your website marketing after using this spin wheel plugin. It boosts your sales in a blink of an eye and fills your lead campaigns with loyal customers.

More about it, it guarantees you build an engaging experience for your WordPress website. It requires an email address for every unique visitor for spinning the fortune wheel. Moreover, it integrates other third-party plugins such as MailChimp for running your newsletters, building a subscriber list, and spreading campaigns everywhere with a single click.

Furthermore, it enables you to apply the dripping strategy to your WordPress website and have full control over your visitors’ activities with your business. OptinSpin is customizable, and you can mold the overall shape and styling of this lucky wheel pop-up that highlights your brand for building market recognition.

It easily fits on every device due to its responsiveness feature. Also, you can generate coupons, set the prizes in each slice of the wheel, and much more.

2. Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Turn your lousy WooCommerce stores into activating one with Spin Wheel for WooCommerce. It is a way to build greed into the customers for purchasing your products with discount offers.

Once a buyer clicks on the ‘Add to Cart’ option on one of your products, a pop-up will appear and enable you to hit the lucky wheel. Once you win a discount gift, you can copy the auto-generated coupon code and insert it into the cart page. The original price will reflect the discounted price.

It is a sales booster and lead generation tool for all online WooCommerce stores. You can also customize the lucky wheel according to your brand theme and styling for recognition. Also, you have the power to set the discount offers in each slice of the wheel.

There are more custom styling options such as animation, exit-intent display, sounds, etc. The spin wheel plugin is fully responsive and fits on every device display without disturbing the website content. Boost your sales and capture leads with Spin Wheel for WooCommerce instantaneously.

3. myCred Spin Wheel

Have you ever heard about gamification? It means incorporating gaming elements to your website to attract visitors to your website. myCred is one of them.

Let us introduce myCred first; it is a point management system that offers digital rewards such as points, badges, and ranks to the customers for performing particular activities on your websites such as sharing your content, commenting on it, and a lot more.

The exciting thing about this gamification WordPress plugin is that it comes with more than fifty useful addons, one of which is myCred Spin Wheel. This spin wheel plugin offers an opportunity to your website visitors to try their luck by spinning a lucky wheel.

Each slice of a wheel contains various exciting offers and generates leads. It grabs the attention of your visitors and compels them to purchase your products or services. You can alter the overall layout of the wheel, incorporate it anywhere on your website by using the shortcode, offer free spins to the spinners, and much more.

4. Wheel of PopUps

It is one of the most popular spin wheel plugins for WordPress websites. Build pop-ups on your website and engage the customers by offering them winning opportunities. This plugin allows you to try it for ten days for free.

No matter where you are using this lucky wheel plugin, whether it is your desktop, tablet, or mobile, you can easily display it and edit it anywhere. With that said, it allows you to analyze the lead, save the reports, preview your generated leads, and filter them according to your priorities.

It offers numerous integration with third-party applications to enhance the overall functionality and gain an amazing user experience.

5. Wheely Sales

Wheely sales plugin is almost similar to all other spin wheel plugins. Still, the exciting thing about it is that it provides you with a dedicated dashboard where you can track the sales analytics and track the record of generated leads.

Moreover, it is customizable and enables the users to make custom changes to the plugins according to brand recognition. It is fully responsive and optimized for each device. Run your newsletters and spread the latest news about Wheely Sales through MailChimp. Yes, it offers third-party integrations to enhance the functionality of the plugin.

Wrapping Up

You now have a better understanding of spin wheel plugins for your WordPress website. This blog will help you find the best match plugin for your website that plays a vital role in boosting your sales and generating useful leads.

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