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7 Tips to Write a Great Blog Post Introduction

As a blogger what is your biggest challenge? Well, let me guess…isn’t it to grab the valuable attention of your audience and entice them well enough to read your full Blog Post with a gripping interest?

Do I hear you saying Yes!!! 

Well dear, then you are just at the right place. 

Take a sigh of relief as I am gonna help you by giving some really valuable tips on how to engage and connect better with the audience as a blogger.

Well, you would agree that the first thing that grabs the eyeballs of an audience is obviously the blog Introductions. The audience will automatically propel to go through the entire content only if the blog introductions are exciting enough.

So, let’s learn about a few tips and tricks on how to write a good introduction for a blog.

However, if you are interested in learning content writing in detail to sharpen up your skills, you should undertake an elaborate course from any reputed Digital Marketing Institute to help you better.

Tips to Write a Great Introduction for a Blog

There are different types of content for boosting audience engagement but the most important thing irrespective of the content type is its introduction. Let’s learn how to make them effective for attracting the attention of the audience.

Emphasize the Problem

To craft amazing blog introductions, the first thing that you will need to do is to emphasize the problem or pain area.

People normally read blogs to find value and solutions to their problems. You can quickly capture the attention of the reader if you emphasize a particular problem causing them pain.

Addressing a pain issue of the reader and trying to extend your help by providing a solution to their problem via your blog post is a sure-shot way to engage them emphatically.

 Tell Readers what to Anticipate

When you trigger a pain spot, you start a ticking clock of the reader. If you don’t explain to your audience how you will assist them to find a solution to their problem and benefit from it they will swiftly drift away.

So, your blog introductions should establish the tone for the rest of the piece and answer the reader’s question: Is this worth my time?

The blog introductions serve as the guide describing what will be presented, in what sequence, and what the audience will learn from it in the end.

This allows readers to access the information they require rapidly. They can easily navigate to a certain portion or read the entire content depending on their individual requirements.

 Highlight the Advantages

The next step for how to write an introduction for a blog involves highlighting the advantages of that particular content.

Audiences read blogs to find solutions to their problems. Focus on what they will accomplish as a result of reading your blog post.

Emphasizing the advantages of the solution provided through your blog will definitely help them to stay glued to your content.

Therefore, try to make your blog introductions more interesting by emphasizing the advantages. 

 Ask Questions

When you pose a question to the audience in your blog introductions, you consciously stimulate their interest and invite the reader to think about an answer. 

But make sure to offer solutions after invoking their interest or else the audience will not find value in your blog and will eventually drift away. 

Hence, one of the best tips to write an introduction for a blog involves asking questions to the audience to trigger their interest.

 Spark off a controversy 

When it comes to creating an interesting introduction for blog posts, you must take efforts to spark off debate by questioning a long-held view or intentionally addressing a controversial topic.

A confrontational start through gripping blog introductions can elicit three different kinds of audience responses:

  • Readers have their own opinions.
  • The readers will agree with you.
  • Readers will be perplexed as to why you are debating the subject.

But whatever stimulation they get from your controversial question, they will continue to read your blog to better understand that topic. This will surely make them curious to go through your entire blog.

 Use Quotes

Quotes are an excellent method to add credibility and help build captivating blog introductions. A quote can help to support your thesis while also providing a framework for the remainder of your text.

Quote-based openers, like question-based introductions, help grasp the audience’s attention. A quotation can describe a common idea or best practice and develop a counter-argument in your content.

Use quotes from unexpected sources, such as thought leaders, or create your own. And avoid overused quotes in your blog.

 The introduction should be written last   

The introduction is what your viewers see initially, yet it should typically be the final thing you write for two reasons.

First and foremost, the introduction is more crucial than any other paragraph in the blog. When starting a new piece of content, it’s easy to lose track of time trying to come up with the perfect opening. It is more effective to begin by putting down your primary ideas.

Second, once you’ve written the body of your material, you’ll have a greater understanding of the subject. When you finish the body of the work, you can discover that the beginning you spent hours drafting no longer matches your major point.


Your blog introductions are the most crucial part of your blog to entice and engage them as they help to build a good first impression in the eyes of the readers. So, why not make them exciting enough to trigger their interest.

Thus it is highly significant to learn how to write a good introduction for a blog.

Hope the tips on how to write a blog intro in this article would have surely enlightened you with the necessary inputs to improve your writing skills.

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