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Health and Fitness

7 Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Yoga Style

Do you find it hard to get up everyday and go to the gym? Are you looking for a workout that offers you a major energy boost without being uncomfortable? Don’t worry! Yoga is here to help you enjoy excellent mental and physical health. Although it is a slow and time-taking process but does offers your body some major benefits. Perhaps, it is time you try different yoga styles and find out which one suits you the best.

These yoga styles came into existence over several years and each one of them carries a specific benefit. Whether you want to deal with anxiety, stress, or lower back pain; there is a yoga asana for every health issue. You can combine these with meditation and breathing exercises for good health and well-being. However, choosing the best yoga style from so many is no easy task. That is why yoga experts have come up with a list of factors to help you make the choice.

7 Deciding Factors To Choose The Best Yoga Style

Remember, yoga is a practice that includes having a clear intention. This does not mean that every yoga practitioner wants to achieve enlightenment or world peace.

Whether you want to feel better on a physical level, enjoy a worry-free life or just stay fit; there is no single reason to do yoga.

Keeping the above statement in mind, given below are seven parameters and the yoga styles you can learn in a 500 hour yoga teacher training program.

1. To Gain Stability & Mobility

If you want to develop stability and increase mobility in your body, you should try Iyengar yoga. This yoga style requires you to pay close attention to alignment in each yoga posture. The Iyengar yoga poses are designed to be held for longer periods of time. Props are also common in an Iyengar yoga session.

Iyengar yoga is designed to help you develop strength, flexibility, and stability with a stable mind-body awareness.

2. To Become Centered

If you want to take care of not just your body, but also the subtle aspects of your being; try Integral yoga. This is one of the different yoga styles in the sense that it addresses all layers of your body, from physical to the subtle aspects of your being. These subtle aspects include the emotional, energetic, and mental body.

Integral yoga classes are a bit slow and focus on yoga Pranayama, meditation, and deep relaxation techniques. The end goal of Integral yoga is to help you experience peace and happiness which are an integral part of you.

3. To Develop Compassion & Self-Acceptance

You should give Kripalu yoga a try when you want to spend time in some self-study. This yoga style includes asana practice, deep relaxation, and meditation to help you enjoy good physical health. Kripalu yoga calms down your mind, and helps you develop a deeper level of awareness.

A Kripalu yoga teacher will ask you to modify yoga poses and discover what works best for you. Daily practice of this yoga style requires you to ask yourself questions like;

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What is your body asking for right now?

With time, this yoga asana helps you develop compassion and self-acceptance.

4. To Dive Into Spirituality

Want to connect with your spiritual self? You should give Jivamukti yoga a try as this works on a mental and spiritual level. This yoga style includes techniques like meditation, deep relaxation, chanting, and Pranayama. Moreover, philosophy and music form a major part of every Jivamukti yoga session.

What makes Jivamukti stand out as a different yoga styles is it brings ancient teachings within a contemporary setting. Moreover, these ancient teachings are applicable even in today’s life.

5. To Loose Weight

If you want to practice yoga and lose some weight in the process, try Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga style. Although it is a demanding yoga style, but it synchronizes your body movement with breath to generate internal heat and purify your body. However, remember, if you want to develop a toned physique then you should do the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga style.

6. To Sweat

Consisting of a series of 26 poses (12 basic yoga poses for beginners) which you do at room temperatures increased up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, Bikram yoga helps you get rid of excess weight. The best part about this yoga style is the entire sequence works on every part of your body. With time, this yoga style provides fresh blood to every organ in your body. This is what makes Bikram yoga one of the different yoga styles from the rest.

7. Unleash Your Creativity & Passion

Do you want to unlock your hidden mental and spiritual potential? Kundalini yoga helps expand your consciousness, and improve physical vitality. This yoga style unlocks the dormant Kundalini energy lying dormant at the base of your spine.

Kundalini yoga is a multi-dimensional yoga style as it utilizes breath, body movement, and sound to initiate a change in your overall levels of energy. However, make sure you learn this yoga style under the guidance of a certified Kundalini yoga teacher.


Whether you want to get rid of stress or bring blood pressure under control, yoga has an exercise to help you sort both these issues. However, you should enroll in a registered yoga school to learn different yoga styles in details under the guidance of a skilled yoga teacher.

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