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5 Best Practices That You Must Follow While Customizing Salesforce


Every business/brand is entirely different from every other business/brand. Thus it is not possible that a CRM software can fulfill all the needs and requirements of every brand or business unless it allows its users to customize it. Salesforce is highly secure, adaptable, configurable CRM software that gives its users freedom to customize and use it as per their requirements. However, customizing it is not a child’s play. Luckily there are some best practices that one can follow to safely customize it as per his/her needs or requirements like getting your system ready, assessing all available options/solutions, etc.


Salesforce is a spectacular CRM software that provides lots of great features and benefits to its users. Besides this, it is a highly customizable software and you can easily customize as per your business needs and requirement. But customizing it is not that easy and you might also face many problems while customizing if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. However, there are some best practices that you can follow to easily customize it without any issue or problem. So, today we are going to share with you five best practices that you must follow while customizing Salesforce.

Get Your System Ready:

If you are an organization that has just started using Salesforce, then you might have to completely customize the CRM so that it fulfills all your requirements and needs. But if you are an old organization then you might have already made many customizations in it. In both cases, the changes or customizations will affect the existing/current features of the software. However, if your system is not ready then these changes might harm your organization. Thus you must ensure that your system is clean and ready so that you can easily customize it and make sure it does not hurt your organization.

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Identify and Assess Different Options Available:

Whenever the need for customizing the system arises its natural companies simply find one particular solution and implement it without looking for any other alternative solution.  However, some alternative solutions might be easier to manage and implement. Thus you must assess different solutions/options available in front of you before implementing one particular solution. For example, system admins can easily customize Salesforce using “Process Builder” whereas customizing it using Apex is not an easy thing to do and you might have to hire a Salesforce developer for it. So, do assess different options and solutions available to you before customizing your system.

Prepare a Plan:

Once you decide what customizations you want to make the next thing that you must do is prepare a plan to implement those customizations. This will allow you to easily customize Salesforce without any issue or problem and ensure that the changes that you make do not hurt your organization. So, make sure you create a plan before making any changes to your system so that you don’t have to face any issue or problem in the future.

Use Sandbox:

Sandbox is a testing environment (isolated testing environment) provided by Salesforce to its users that allows them to test/experiment with different apps, system configurations without affecting its current settings and configurations. This allows you to test new apps and configurations and identify whether they will be beneficial for the organization or not. So, make sure you use the Sandbox feature of Salesforce to test new configurations and apps before implementing them permanently on your system.

Get the Help of an Expert:

Salesforce comes with lots of great features in it and it can be very hard to master all of them and customize them as per your needs. However, with the help of a Salesforce expert, you can easily do this quickly and easily. So, if the customization that you want to make is not easy to implement and you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it then you must hire the services of a competent Salesforce developer. This will not only help you in saving your time but would also help you save your money in the long run.

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Salesforce is a spectacular CRM software that comes with lots of great features and customizations options.  But customizing the software as per your needs and requirements is not an easy thing to do. However, with the help of the above best practices, you can easily and safely customize your Salesforce system as per your needs and requirements.

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