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12 Unique Features for Dental Website Design To Attract New Patients

A professional dental website design can make a big impression on potential patients and help you stand out from the rest.

They are not created. They are made with strategy, thoughtful content, and a tight design aesthetic. A dental website can do many things. It lets patients schedule appointments and accepts new patient forms.

Our team of dental web designers can create a WordPress website for you that will be a powerful marketing tool and help you dominate your local market.

We are dental marketing specialists and know exactly what it takes for a great website for dental procedures. These are our top 12 must-have features:

12 Must-Have Features for Dental Websites

1. HIPAA Compliance

Compliance with HIPAA is a concern for all healthcare providers, even dentists. This is particularly important if you plan to use online forms or offer online payment options.

Protecting protected health information (PHI) or any information that could identify a patient in health care is not only a good practice, but it’s also legally required.

What does HIPAA compliance mean for a website? This means that all information sent via your website must be encrypted and secured.

An SSL certificate is one way to achieve this. SSL certificates are highly recommended for all websites, but especially for healthcare providers such as dentists.

An SSL certificate is a security measure that protects you and your patients. Imagine what could happen if your website was not secure enough to protect patient information.

2. Pages for Each Service Offered

Prospective patients may not know the services you offer. You also have an SEO advantage by optimising each page for each service.

An optimised page for dental SEO will be found if someone searches “root canal (in your area)”. You can get more patients if you have more search results than you spend on advertising. It’s a win/win situation!

3. Location Pages for Multi-Location Procedures

You’ll need pages for every location, just like you would have pages for each treatment. A Raleigh dentist might also have Garner and Cary locations.

Although their website might be optimised for Raleigh patients, they should have pages for Cary or Garner.

This will increase the likelihood that potential patients from these cities can find them through local searches for dentists.

4. Dentist Bios

A bio for each dentist in your practice is a great way to establish trust and credibility before patients even call or walk into your office.

Patients will feel more comfortable trusting you with their oral health when they know who will treat or examine them.

Include your education and how long you have been a dentist. Also, include any professional associations that you belong to. It can eliminate any doubt by displaying your credentials.

5. Video explanations of procedures

Procedure explanation videos are exactly as they sound: videos that explain the procedure. These videos can be added to your treatment pages.

They are great for clarifying what each process involves. It is a great way to build trust and show your expertise by having the dentist explain everything, from simple cleanings to root canals.

6. Online Reviews

Although we’ve already discussed some features on dental websites that can help build trust, this one is undoubtedly the most powerful. What is the reason? Let’s take a look at some statistics regarding online reviews.

  •         72% of people won’t act until they have read reviews
  •         15% of users won’t trust businesses without reviews
  •         Google accounts for 57.5% of worldwide reviews

People could see your reviews on Yelp and Google. But what if they don’t have a look to those profiles? You might not even know they have such amazing feedback!

They will be more likely to visit your website if you include them. Online reviews are trusted as much by people as recommendations from friends and family.

This can make it easier for potential patients to find reviews. Automating review requests is a feature that most dental practice management software offers. However, if you are having trouble getting reviews, these five tips will help you get more.

7. Online Scheduling

Prospective and current patients want to book appointments online. Most people expect it. Your website is available 24/7. An online scheduling feature lets you book appointments at any time.

Your patients will appreciate the convenience, and your staff will enjoy having fewer calls to make!

8. New Patient Forms

Online new patient forms are another convenience. Online forms for new patients are ideal as they can be filled out online and submitted.

While PDF forms can be printed and filled out online are preferable to paper forms, digital forms are preferred.These forms should be linked to your practice management software.

Your team will save time and streamline their operations by having a file automatically created for each new patient when they submit their forms online.

9. Galleries Before and After

Photos of before and after are powerful. A gallery of before and after pictures on your website will show the results of your treatment.

It allows people to visualise themselves getting those results. (Request is written permission from your patients before using their photos in this manner.

10. Lead Generation Forms & Lead Management

Lead generation forms can be used to create contact and appointment requests forms for dental practices. These allow patients to contact you anytime and make it simple for them to schedule their next appointment.

It is important to keep all submissions on these forms organised. It doesn’t matter if an appointment request is lost in the shuffle or never gets scheduled.

HubSpot allows you to create forms and manage leads and messages in real-time by using a CRM tool such as HubSpot.

11. Call Tracking

Call tracking lets you see exactly where your calls are coming to your practice. Dental marketing expert allows you to understand the ROI of your marketing campaigns and helps you do more of what is working.

Although it is easy to set up call tracking on your site, it can be not easy. Your developer can add a JavaScript snippet to any place if you are uncomfortable.

12. Social Media Icons At The End of the Page

This small change can make a huge difference in your social media followers. There are some features that you should have if you want your website to handle new or existing dental practices. Patients will find you easily by placing social media icons at the footer of their website.


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