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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story?

After sharing a story on Instagram as an individual or company, you may need to add a link. The purpose of the links that we come across from many promotional accounts is usually advertising. You can also use your personal blog to promote it to large audiences.


In the past, we used to take passport photos and share them on social networks, now we can send even split-second moments to everyone as stories, posts and shares. Updates are coming to Instagram every day, one of these innovations is the linking feature. Why are links added to posts? Let’s examine it in detail.

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Why Do Users Add a Different Link to Stories?



Instagram looks at user experiences while introducing new features. Considering that the profits of millions of businesses in the system have increased after adding a link to the story, it is obvious that the improvements made work.


In the past, advertising revenues did not satisfy some businesses. That’s why social networks like Facebook and Instagram want to increase their advertising efficiency with various improvements. Because the more profitable businesses make, the more Instagram earns. After the story feature and then new link additions, advertisement returns started to be very good. You already understand this when you look at the value of the company.


Of course, it is not necessary to think only for commercial purposes. If you have your own page, you can direct your followers here by giving it with the help of a link in the stories. Even if you are not selling products, you can do useful work related to social assistance.


I have a small business and I don’t have a big budget, what should I do? Although it is possible to publish Instagram ads in low amounts, this becomes possible with the links given to the stories by increasing your followers. You can buy followers securely and at the most affordable price from our site.


What are the Ways and Conditions of Linking to the Instagram story?

In order to link in an Instagram story, you first need to convert your individual account to your business account. You can set up your account as a personal blog. If your account is all ready for business, the steps will be shorter and easier for you.


Instagram brought such a feature, but unfortunately, it set a limit of 10 thousand followers. It can be a little difficult to increase it with your own effort. Therefore, you can perform your transactions without giving any account information with the purchase method. It is important that they are Turkish and organic followers, some sellers use foreign, fake, bot accounts.


Once you have selected the image or video for the story, you will see a “chain” sign at the top of the post. Click this link with the link, copy and paste the link you want to give from the incoming section. After sharing, your followers will see the link you have given by swiping up and will start purchasing your products.


As you can see, the operations are quite simple. You need to have enough followers on your account to add an Instagram swipe uplink.


What is Instagram Story? What can we add with the link? What are the Ways to Attract Followers?

Instagram story, as we know it, is the area most followed by users. Instead of browsing the whole Instagram page, they prefer to browse the short stories of their followers who are added to their list. By adding our posts to this area, we can make everyone aware.


For example, You are a housewife, you have your own website. You produce natural products, knits, in general, things that a house may need. Attracting visitors to your site is hard work, you need solid SEO work or you have to work for many years. But with the Instagram story, you can attract thousands of people to your website. By sharing a vest or sweater you knit for babies, you can attract the attention of families with children and increase your sales.


Those who design websites, those who are interested in software, and those who sell computer products can increase their incomes by promoting their sample projects or products by adding links to the story.


Do you want everyone to know you through social media? The best way to enter the world of phenomena is through Instagram stories. In which field you have talent; By adding a photo, audio or video recording to the story, you can increase your number of followers and become a phenomenon.


Do you want to add a link to the Instagram story section, but you don’t have 10,000 followers? With the most affordable price guarantee, you can evaluate our options to buy followers on our website BuyFollowersMalaysia.



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