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Computers and Technology

Windows 10 Features that Are NO MORE Present in Windows 11

Windows 11 have a new appearance, new colours, and new functionality when it is released later this year. However, not all of the present features of Windows 10 will survive the update. Between now and the public launch of Windows 11, expect a few additions and subtractions in terms of features, but here is everything we know about that will be lost along the road.

Internet Explorer

What’s that all about? You thought it had already been put to death, didn’t you? As long as you dig deep enough, Internet Explorer is still available on Windows 10. However, in Windows 11, all traces of Internet Explorer will be deleted, and Microsoft Edge will fully replace it. Use the IE mode in Edge for those really, very ancient legacy programs and sites you still need to access for whatever reason.


The timeline might not be something you’ve ever used, which is probably one of the reasons it’s being removed with the Windows 11 introduction. As a result, it’s easier to hop between devices registered with the same Microsoft account. The feature allows you to sync your windows activity for the last 30 days.

Live Tiles

The Windows 10 Start menu’s Live Tiles feature, which allows different bits of information to be presented and updated in real-time, was not well embraced by developers. Think they are widgets? You’d be correct. Let’s hope that Windows 11’s desktop widgets are better than the Live Tiles.

Start Menu Groups

As part of the new Start menu, users may now group tiles together and give them names, such as productivity, writing, games, etc. As a result, the Start menu won’t be resizable and won’t have a customizable layout (as well as move it into the centre of the screen).

Quick Status

Application blocks can be left on the lock screen in Windows 10 to remind you of incoming emails, calendar events, etc. Quick Status is a new feature that won’t be available to programs when Windows 11 arrives, but widgets may make up for it.

Location of Taskbar

In Windows 11, the taskbar may only be placed in one place: at the bottom of the screen, which is a drastic reduction in personalization options. Windows 10 lets you move the taskbar to the left, the right, or even the top of the screen. You’re out of luck if you like to alter your operating system in that way.

Tablet Mode

Tablets like the Surface Pro operate well on Windows 10, but Windows 11 won’t offer a specialized mode for tablet devices. It will be reconfigured, and part of it will occur automatically (like when you attach or detach a Bluetooth keyboard).


As of today, Windows 11 will no longer have Microsoft’s digital assistant. However, it will no longer be included in the setup process and will no longer be pinned to the taskbar. Windows 10’s Cortana might be rebranded as an enterprise tool, based on capabilities that have been introduced to it over the last year or two.

Skype App

In Windows 11, Skype will still be accessible, but it won’t be built into the operating system in the same manner that it is in Windows 10. Get ready for tight Teams connections in Windows 11’s final version since Microsoft is now concentrating on Teams as the answer to all your communication requirements, including video.

Window S Mode

You’ll see less of this feature. To enhance efficiency and security, Windows 11 Home will only provide the S Mode option. Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro may be installed with S Mode activated at the time, according to Microsoft.

Does are the features that are not part of the latest Windows 11. You can also check about computer maintenance checklist for effective flow of operations on your PC.




Adam Hiidee is a Man of Many Hats. He is the Founder of HiideeMedia. He writes content on Gadgets, Travel, Technology, Internet, Blogging Tips, Social Networks, etc. He loves to share knowledge with others through Blogging.

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