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Pokemon legends trailers were out in September 2021, many of us were already excited because there are many new features we observed in the trailer. The trailer is mind-blowing. An open-world Pokeman completes the dream of every fan player. We can roam all over the whole Hisui region
There are different pokemon in the game and every pokemon holds different characteristics. Wyrdeer, Basculegion, Arceus, and  Kleavor. Yet, the tale revolves around Arceus. That’s why Arceus, the mythical pokemon, holds the title of this sequel. 
The overall plot of the POKEMON LEGEND ARCEUS is exciting and adventurous as described by the trailers and original description of the Pokeman Legendary Arceus. The Jubilife Village will serve as a base of surveying operations for the player. 

Pokemon Legend Arceus Leak

The leaks started after the trailer launched and the plot of the Pokemon Legend Arceus is set in the ancient Hisui Region. The JUBILIFE VILLAGE will be the center of survey for the people coming from various regions of the world to explore the Hisui region. The team consists of many corps including survey corps, medical corps, and security corps, etc. The Pokemon Legend Arceus will also provide you a chance to explore some institutions that will provide trading services. i.e, other players can also trade with the pokemon. Although there lie some contradictions that it’s not a wholly open world, players can explore and roam around the region to a limited range. Not all features will be available for everyone. Paid features are also there and players will have to buy an Online Nintendo Switch membership to explore more.
On getting one of the missions, the player will explore one of the sites of the Hisui region. On completing one task, the player will get the next task. The previous version of the Pokemon series was set in the Sinnoh region. Pokemon Legend: Arceus, the Pokedex completed first. Some have some special mysterious blessings and power. A powerful pokemon is also available titled Special Pokemon.
Some new admirable characters are also introduced that are seeking the attention of the game freaks. These include Mai, Iscan, Lian, and Arezu. While exploring the game you’ll meet Professor Laventon who is a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team and studies the ecology of Pokemon characters. You can also check the whole pokemon legends arceus gameplay to see it’s all features.


This sequel of Pokemon games is slightly different from others because in this version some pokemon have more than one superpower at the same time and can have more than one action at the same time.
You can now find some incredible and adventurous new features too. You can now fly through the air, walk on the surface of water and land.  Two more styles introduce which are  Agile style and Strong style. We may have more style options to win the game. Also check out why online gaming is convenient to play.
The most exciting feature for most of the fan players is that you can now catch and battle pokemon. Murdering pokemon is the last thing fans demand. The other new features include air, land, and water bodies. Celestica Flute is a new feature introduced in this sequel. You can now travel on the surface of the water and can ride on land and fly through the sky when you call upon pokemon by using this instrument
Some of the Fans think it’s not a wholly open world game and we cannot explore the Hisui region properly and can just roam some of its regions with a limited approach. But some of the fans think about its Open world element. However, the contradiction is clear on its launching. While most Pokémon fans predicted that Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a complete surprise. Because it doesn’t take its player back to the Sinnoh region which was the base of battle and operations in the previous version. However; Pokeman Legends is an entirely new version with its incredibly remarkable features.


Fans are waiting for its launch. The game features are amazing, all Pokémon fans want this scenario and features. It’s still much better than the previous version and fans are too excited for the release of the game. The game is to be launch globally on January 28, 2022. And Pokemon legends arceus pre order is also available to enjoy the game on the release date. There’s also another game coming which is available. So don’t wait for dying light 2 pre order to enjoy more. We hope you have enjoyed this article!!

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