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What Major Changes to Expect in App Marketing After Mobile Marketing Summit 2021

Recently, ET Brand Equity organized the 2nd edition of a virtual Mobile Marketing Summit 2021. The summit witnessed the thought process of pioneering leaders talking about the impact of mobile app advertising. The special significance is given to maintain long-term relations with customers via the app. The key areas to upon are reducing ad frauds and affiliate malpractices. Special mention of the summit is to focus on important touchpoints to improve mobile app marketing practices.

 Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lifestyle. With just a single tap on the handy screen, do whatever it takes to order something, find a location or book a service.

Brands want to be at top of the competitive marketplace & improve sales by relying on mobile app marketing services. Undoubtedly, you think of implementing several marketing tactics with helpful assistance to achieve the following few attributes.

  • Increase mobile app ranking on the play store
  • Enhance traffic towards your app
  • Boost the maximum number of downloads
  • Reduce uninstallation rate
  • Enhance app conversion
  • Generate more sales

Concerning the recent Mobile Marketing Summit 2021, there are numerous things to learn from and implement in your strategy.

So, here, we will be taking you to the important checkpoints of the summit. And, help you become aware of the important ways to improve your mobile app marketing strategy and increase business ROI.

Glimpses of Mobile App Marketing Summit 2021

If we go towards the learnings of the summit, then the focus was divided into two spheres i.e. malpractices & touchpoints.

Mobile app marketing ads frauds to avoid from now

  • Extremely Short Click to Install Time: There are several digital brands that have witnessed this issue of short CTIT in the campaign already set up. There have been several instances of the targetted users filling up the brand form in 20-30 seconds only. While normally it takes a minimum of 1-min to fill up the correct details. Even, you might have experienced the same with leads not quantifying and qualifying after spending a huge sum of cash.
  • Inappropriate Data Center Traffic: It is also found that there have been increasing cases of the same patterns in clicks & conversions. It is due to the data center script being pasted in the same manner.
  • Rise in Proxy Traffic: There are times when you expect a mobile app lead coming from a different location. However, at times, the user’s physical location is different from the lead’s location. It happens due to several users taping on the mobile’s VPN. Therefore, you need to take care of the genuine location of potential customers before taking steps to nurture the same.
  • Bot Conversions: Special emphasis of the summit in relation to mobile app conversion is on the unusual bit clicks & conversions. It happens at times when you see immediate results of an app marketing campaign with fast clicks from an unknown device. This is due to the bots, simulator, and emulator doing the false conversions for your brand.

Great Learnings for Brands to Enhance App Marketing Efforts

Another great learning from the summit is to focus on each aspect of the app marketing touchpoint. The idea is to track each action of your mobile app user, what influences it, and then convert the same accordingly.

Here, we tell you the two most important mobile app touchpoints to keep in mind and ensure maximum conversions.

  1. Onboarding

The first touchpoint to focus upon is a clear and strategic app marketing onboarding process. Be it as the purpose of purchasing from your app, subscribing, creating an account, etc. You have to be precise and automate the campaign process to see desired results ahead.

By automating your onboarding campaign, you get to release what does the user wants from you. So, accordingly, send personalized push notifications to complete the steps where the user left it.

For the personalization factor, a pioneer mobile app marketing company helps your brand finding location, name, & last viewed session of users.

  1. Engagement

Once the app onboarding marketing process sees its optimum result. The next step is initiating engagement. To achieve this, rely on the strategy of Behaviour-Based Triggers. It is about understanding the behavior of the users towards your mobile app and act accordingly.

For example:

  • Retail apps can understand the behaviour of customers with their last session, abandoned cart, nearby store locations.
  • A travel app can know the booking behaviour of travelers based on last travel activity, incomplete booking details, etc.


Instead of trying the usual methods of mobile app marketing to optimize downloads and increase conversions. Stay open to a new set of ideas, like mentioned in the recent mobile marketing summit 2021.

Professional mobile marketing of a pioneer mobile app marketing company can only understand the unpredictable user journey. Thus, the best way to optimize apps and enhance conversion rates is to keep your eyes open for new updates. Also, discuss the same with the app marketing partner.


As a leader in SEO, web design& development, eCommerce development, conversion rate optimization, and digital marketing services, Fuel4Media Technologies prides itself in driving traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to deliver real results for its clients. As a digital agency, we believe in creating experiences for brands to connect, acquire, convert, and engage customers.

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