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Health and Fitness

What Are The Benefits of Micro Needling With Derma pen?

 Our clinic has also been running micro needling treatment in Dubai for a very long time and here are some insights about micro needling treatment using a derma pen.

 What is Micro Needling?

A micro-needling is a very complex yet non-surgical technique that involves the use of a derma pen or a micro needling device that has numerous fine needles allowed to create micro-channels within the skin. These microchannels are responsible for improving their blood circulation and also improve the production of collagen wherever applied in the targeted areas. It is believed that the new production of collagen will give rise to the yeah plasticity of the skin and improve the overall skin condition. 

How Is A Micro Needling With A Derma Pen Done ?

The procedure of micro needling done with a derma pen is a very complex one and it is better that you choose a specialized or a trained professional to get it done. Derma pen micro needling treatment in Dubai is effective when the treatment is performed under safety protocols.

Initial Consultation

 Before the treatment commences the aesthetician will examine and closely analyze your face. He or she will map the targeted areas where the micro-needling is more essential. After mapping the areas will be outlined using a marker for the ease of the aesthetician.


 Deep thorough cleansing is done all over the face to get rid of the dead cells, dirt, and grime that may be trapped on the face.


 The device has a spring attached at the end, the device is then brushed all over the surface of the face targeting the required areas. It consists of fine needles that are responsible for creating punctures within the skin. Very mild to moderate bleeding may occur at the injecting sites which is nothing to worry about.

Mask Up

Once the treatment is done a cooling mask is applied all over the face to cool down any inflammation or heat that may be generated during the overall process.


 The process completes after the moisturizing is done so a moisturizer is applied all over the face to restore and balance up the hydration and lock over the pores. 

What Are The Benefits of Micro-needling With The Derma Pen?

 You will be amazed to see the results and benefits that are achieved after taking a session on Micro-needling derma pens in Dubai. Here’s what we have to share about the benefits :

 Improves Collagen Production

 As you know,  the collagen is responsible for adding elasticity and altering the tonicity of the facial muscles. An increase in collagen means the skin gets tightened up and becomes flaccid.

Treats Fine Lines And Wrinkles

 The improved collagen is also responsible for clearing up the wrinkles and fine lines. The better the collagen production the better the condition of the skin. The tightened skin looks younger than loose wrinkled skin.

Better Blood Circulation

 If you want an ideal glow on your face then choose the derma pen micro-needling treatment. It improves blood circulation and adds a pinky glow to the cheeks without the need of applying makeup. 

Improves the skin texture

 Acne marks, indentations, rough skin, and open pores are all the problems that contribute to making the skin textured and uneven. Taking just a single session of the above treatment is sufficient enough for the skin to become even and smooth.

 What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Treatment?


  •  confidence and enhanced self-esteem
  •  glowing and healthy skin
  •  spotless and improved clarity of the face
  •   An even and smooth skin.


  • Mild to moderate burning during the process
  • It can be allergic to people with extra sensitive skin

What Is The Aftercare Of The Treatment? 

  • Avoid going out in the sun without a sunblock
  • Do not vigorously rub your face 
  • use a mild cleanser without any chemicals
  • it is better to avoid any home remedy after the treatment

The Bottom Line

Just like your body, your skin also needs pampering. Beauty and elegance have no age limit therefore looking good and investing in your skin are important. Choosing a derma pen micro needling treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the right pick if you want to slay with confidence. 

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