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Volcanic Ash for Skin: What it is, What are its Benefits and How to Use it?

Volcanic Ash for Skin: Volcanic ash has been popping out of our face masks, creams, and cleansers for a good time now. From so many skincare ingredients out there, volcanic ash is amongst those ingredients that have been into a lot of limelight and that too for the right reasons.

So, no doubt, you must have found many products with volcanic ash as the main ingredient in the arsenals.

However, people must be sceptical to use products with volcanic ash because the name sounds a little unappealing. But this skincare ingredient is jam-packed with numerous skincare benefits.

Let us know what volcanic ash is before moving ahead to the benefits it brings!

What is Volcanic Ash?

When a volcano bursts, ash gets produced with molten lava and gas – this ash is nothing but volcanic ash. Volcanic ash gets made from tiny particles of rocks, glass and minerals, which gets formed by the fragmenting processes of magma and materials of volcanic vents. Volcanic ash does not flow from the volcano. It gets ejected across great distances with gases and water.

The volcanic ash particles are microscopic, porous, and absorbent. Because the volcanic ash particles are tiny, they work well as ingredients in cleansers in the skincare industry. This means they may be particularly effective at removing the stubborn oil and sebum that accumulate on your face throughout the day.

Bentonite clay is the most common by-product of volcanic ash. It is used as a popular ingredient in volcanic ash face masks, other topical products and in medicinal preparation. Bentonite is not a mineral; it is a generic word used for rocks pulled from volcanic ash beds.

10 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Add Volcanic Ash into Your Skincare:

Exfoliates the Skin

Volcanic ash clay works beautifully to remove dead skin cells from the skin and nourish the skin. An effective natural exfoliator for the skin, volcanic ash clay unclogs pores, prevent acne, help other products penetrate deeper into the skin, remove dirt and excess oil. You can also use volcanic ash clay to prevent any dirt remains that can lead to inflammation or spur acne.

Fights Acne

Volcanic ash clay is a god’s gift for those who have oily and acne-prone skin. This ingredient fights off acne by unclogging pores and preventing breakouts from occurring in the first place only. So, for anyone of you looking for ways to treat acne, try The Men’s Lab Volcanic Peel-Off Mask that fights acne, removes dark spots, blackheads, lightens skin tone, and more. Simply, keep the mask on for a few minutes and remove it for amazing results!

Treat Acne Scars

Acne scarring is a common side effect of breakouts, and volcanic clay skincare may help. One of the many well-known advantages of volcanic ash is its power to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. You shall use a volcanic clay mask to lessen the appearance of acne scars on the skin, smoothen the skin and strip off excess oil from the skin. However, do not forget to use a clay mask once a week to ensure clear skin!

Prevents Signs of Aging

As volcanic ash clay incorporates active enzymes, the ingredient becomes highly useful to diminish the appearance of ageing. Specifically, volcanic ash clay is best to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which are actually signs of premature ageing. Moreover, these active enzymes also restore skin elasticity by enhancing blood circulation in the skin. Thus, leaving your skin all soft, smooth and with a good complexion.

Deep Cleanses Skin

Volcanic ash clay works wonderfully as a cleanser for almost every skin type and is considered to be pretty gentle on the skin. With the detoxifying power, volcanic ash clay pulls out the toxins from the skin and improves the skin texture. You can up your skin’s quotient by adding volcanic face wash to your everyday skincare routine and revive your skin by providing optimum hydration and nourishment.

Softens The Skin

Along with providing skin benefits like removing dead skin cells, preventing acne and acne scars, volcanic ash clay adds one more benefit to the list – softer skin. You can ensure softer skin by using a good moisturizer for men after you have washed off the volcanic clay mask.

Detoxifies The Skin

Volcanic clay is immaculate for skin detoxification, drawing out excess oil, dirt, and other toxins. Simply spread your volcanic clay mask for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. You can reap all the benefits when all these components are absorbed, leaving behind clearer and softer skin.

Help Treat Dermatitis

Poison oak and poison ivy cause contact dermatitis. When you apply a topical skincare product with volcanic ash clay as an ingredient, it may help in the treatment of dermatitis. The by-product of volcanic ash, bentonite clay, has been noted to be helpful for people with hand dermatitis when used in a moisturizer. Volcanic ash clay also works to cure diaper rashes.

Protects the Skin Barrier

Volcanic ash clay protects the barrier of the skin from toxic combinations. You can use volcanic ash clay-based ingredients to keep such toxic contaminants away from getting deeper into the layers of the skin. Moisturizers and sunscreens with a good amount of volcanic clay are believed to be more potent to absorb the highest level of UV rays.

Heals the Skin

A key component of bentonite clay has been shown in studies to aid in the healing of skin sores and ulcers. Its antibacterial properties can be blamed for this. While further research is needed, adding volcanic ash to your skincare routine appears to have some benefits.

Now you know how many benefits volcanic ash clay provide, so are you ready to add volcanic ash clay into your skincare routine? Check out ways you can use volcanic ash for skin.

How to Use It for Skin?

You can include volcanic ash clay into your skincare regime in the below-stated ways.

Face Wash

If you want to cleanse your face on a regular basis, look for a face wash that contains volcanic ash. Be sure that it has other hydrating ingredients that ensure your skin does not dry out over time. This is assumably most suitable for individuals who have very oily skin.


As stated above, volcanic ash clay is best to exfoliate your skin. A good-quality exfoliator will cleanse your face and remove dead skin cells from the skin, thus brightening the complexion and leaving you with smoother skin.

Face Masks

Go for a volcanic ash clay mask that is hydrating as well. Leave it on for a while and use it no more than twice a week, as you may risk drying your skin out. You can also use a volcanic ash clay peel-off mask if you do not wish to use a cream or powder-based clay mask.


For acne-prone skin, volcanic ash clay moisturizer will help fight and prevent acne by removing dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin. So, preventing inflammation. The moisturizer with this ingredient will also bring optimum nourishment and hydration to the skin.


You can find a lot of volcanic ash soaps in the market. With the exfoliation properties of volcanic ash, one can achieve smooth and soft body skin. Volcanic ash soaps are extremely beneficial for rough elbows, scaly shins, and depigmentation.

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