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Using Right Pressure Treated Lumber in Woodworking Projects

Pressure treated lumber is a type of wood which has been specially designed to withstand the elements. It starts out as one of SPF varieties or softwoods, and then it’s sealed at high pressure with sealant formulas so that water cannot penetrate deep into its core when exposed outdoors over long periods in harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms.

A lot can happen between log rafting downriver through Hurricane Katrina’s winds & rains on an October day while waiting out damaging storms earlier than planned due too.

In the early 20th century, many people were exposed to a toxic formula that helped protect wood but it was also quite harmful.

Dogs would chew on this product and experience poisoning from arsenic in its composition for example because of how very first formulas included it as an ingredient.

Today we use Alkaline Copper Quartenary (ACQ) lumber instead which has different problems than before – while still being far less hazardous at best compared with other types like polyurea coatings or creosote-based paints/protectants.

Buying Pressure-Treated Lumber

Don’t be surprised if the lumber that arrives in your local home center is almost dripping wet. The process of drying out wood causes it to shrink and this results in an outwardly curved edge. But don’t worry- because all manufacturers will get their distributors down as fast possible.

So they can sell before these pieces have a chance at warping further!

When the wood is still wet, it’s like a sponge and soaks up as much liquid as possible. As drying progresses it shrinks dramatically reducing warpage significantly but not completely; long edges are more susceptible than wide ones; due to their inability for flexibility in accommodating changes when things get tight-squeeze some between two boards without compromising any gaps or openings.

Along way surfaces otherwise known as end grains crossing narrow spans because those tend not only withstand compression better over time (which can cause permanent splitting); they also resist cracking at bend points from uneven tensioning stresses being imposed by various other factors such angles cutting tools etc.

Installation of the Lumber

In order to get boards as tight together when you build an outdoor project, it’s important that they’re butt-joined. Make sure the wood shrinks equally so there are no gaps or cupping in your finished product.

To avoid this problem position any end grain running along one edge with its central angle pointing up; this will help resist curling due from moisture absorption within the board itself.

When trying to minimize the bowing, make sure you get at least one deck screw through each board. If pre-drilling your boards before driving screws in them will also help maintain their integrity; when they are being driven into wet wood.

A Few Notes on Safety

Don’t forget to wear safety equipment! If you’re working with pressure-treated lumber, always make sure that your face and hair are covered.

The sawdust from this type of wood can irritate sensitive respiratory systems so use a quality dust mask when cutting it up outside; if possible have good ventilation in the workshop too – but not indoors because some chemicals may come out otherwise than just particles during burning processes.

The newer versions of the woods are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.

They do not have as much toxicity issues; but they still need to be handled with care. So that you can enjoy them for years without worrying about what will happen if it gets wet or burned.

You want a table saw that can do it all; and the new Bayou City from is just what you need.

It features an easy-to-handle design with large capacity for your projects; so there’s no hassle in keeping up on storage or getting rid of old wood when needed!

The Bayou City Lumber Company is your go-to for all things pressure treated lumber. We offer a wide variety of products, including residential grade boards and commercial grade boards. Our products are easy to find on our website with detailed information about each type of wood you’re looking for. If you have any questions please contact us now!

If you’re in the market for Pressure Treated Lumber in Houston then it’s time to head over to Bayou City Lumber Company!

With a wide variety of products available at affordable prices; we can help you get what you need quickly and easily. Not only do we have Residential Grade Boards but also Commercial Grade Boards so that no matter what your needs.

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