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Top 4 Places to Shift After Retirement

Have you decided what you are planning to do post-retirement? Are you planning to shift to another city, or go on a world tour? Most of you might be working very hard in the scope of getting good retirement money and enjoy a soothing lifestyle after retirement. Some may want to enjoy the cool breeze by the beach whereas some may like to stay in the cozy hill station. Wherever you want to go or do, make sure you have the perfect retirement plan in place before you are 35. This will help you prepare for it and start investment plans according to it.

If you have a dream of owning a house and like to fulfill post-retirement, then we have few options. Here, is the list of places that most people like to stay and enjoy after their retirement. Check them out and prepare accordingly or book packers and movers right away to shift there.

Top Places for Relocating After Retirement


Most people like to stay in great surroundings, away from the noise, and close to nature. Dehradun is one such place that you can only imagine or read in books. The Ruskin Bond books have it all. This has been seeing a lot of retirees come and settle here all these years. The beautiful surrounding makes this place one of its kind. The beautiful scenery and the lush greenery are all responsible for it.


If you are planning to settle in Dehradun, then you must know all your options. The simple houses also seem like luxurious ones here nestled in the beauty of nature. For weekend getaways you can visit two outstanding places Rishikesh and Haridwar. You will stay close to the holy cities which you easily visit to make short trips. The transport routes are superb and the healthcare facilities are outstanding. Moreover, the weather is an added advantage to the location.

This is one city where you won’t find it difficult to settle. Many retirees have settled here and look towards making it their future abode. Apart from that, the good news is, you don’t have to spend too much to find a good place to stay here compared to most of the cities in India. A peaceful atmosphere, simple lifestyle, serene weather, healthy life, etc. are every retired person’s dreams. So, if you want to shift to Dehradun, then a standard investment is more than enough for you to do so.


The haven for the senior citizens, Pune has been in news basically for providing a high-end lifestyle to all its residents. It has been doing so for a long time. It enjoys the title of ‘The city for the Pensioners’ for quite a long time now. If you want to enjoy city life with better infrastructure then this is the city that you need to settle in. This is why you will find many NRIs coming here to settle in this city and also hire car transportation in Pune.

Pune City

The city falls mainly on the higher-class category and enjoys a good market value as well. the serene weather, good food, and stupendous culture make it one of the best places to stay in India. People who are want to enjoy a high lifestyle post-retirement can purchase a property here to pack and move to this city for the rest of their life. Close to the city, you will find many weekend getaways and adventurous outing options.

In simple words, you will not find it boring in the city and will have many options to check and unwind. Pune is full of life and enjoys a variety of opportunities for the people staying here. If you are planning to buy a property then the starting cost may be around Rs70 Lakhs. Recently, the property rates have gone up by 12.4% and it is the retired couples who are investing in it as an investment option. It is because you can get:

  • Better standard of living
  • Smooth transport system
  • Good civil and social infrastructure
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Mesmerizing climate, etc.

Here you will come across quality and affordable medical help. So, all in all, you won’t have to worry about anything if you shift here. So, think again if you want to shift to such a happening place today.


Like clean beaches, mesmerizing scenery, and a great locality to unwind? Then you may want to shift to Pondicherry. Are you surprised? Don’t be, as Pondicherry is dedicated to most retirement houses for those willing to settle in this French colony, post-retirement. Covai, Serene Pelican, Aishwaryam, and many such retirement homes attract retirees from all over the country. Built systematically, these homes are created in such a way that people easily fall in love with them.


For starting a healthy and active lifestyle, this is the best place. Many of us are beach lovers and this place is for such people. As there is a heavy influence of French culture on this place, you could see its reflection in this city. The beautifully designed homes lined on both sides of the street make you want to come and settle in this place forever. You may not have time now so, prepare to pack and move here post-retirement.

Another advantage to this place is to find expendable medical facilities, outstanding scenery, a simple yet high lifestyle, and good infrastructure that can provide you with the best of everything that you may need during your stay. You just need to come here once, you won’t want to go back to another location ever again. Inspect the place, if you want, make plans, and post-retirement, hire packers and movers, and simply shift to Pondicherry. You will never repent this decision ever.


If you haven’t heard of this stupendous place in the South, then go ahead and check it out. South India is full of scenic marvels and living here is just awesome. Most people from Bangalore love to relocate to Mysore post-retirement. Why is it so famous amongst retirees, you may ask?

Best places to visit in Mysore

Mysore is far from the bustling lifestyle but it is equipped with all the essential necessities of the major city. The outstanding healthcare facilities, better location, great property rates, amiable environment, and serene weather is what make Mysore such a great place to stay post-retirement. For those who like to stay amidst cultural heritage, this place is heaven for them. The city is free of pollution problems and that is a plus.

In this city, the morning walks, yoga centers, etc., with clean surrounding makes it all the more favorable. If you are looking for a mix of cultural diversity with a strong base, then this is the place you want to be.


Now you have the list of places where you should move post-retirement, you need to start making proper plans. Just arrange professional packers and movers to shift your things to a good place and enjoy the rest of your days enjoying the scenic view with a better lifestyle. Pick one location that appeals to your nature and move. This is the time to invest in yourself and enjoy it to the fullest with your better half and also you need to hire car transportation in Hyderabad.

Vishal Kumar

Vishal is an expert business analyst. He has written for several online journals. Currently, he is rendering her services to Moving Solutions that is offering services for packers and movers in India.

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