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Top 10 Car Maintenance Myths – Busted!

We’ve all got someone in our lives who can’t stop giving us car maintenance advice. Whether it’s a petrolhead mate, or a well-meaning uncle, it’s a lot to take in if you aren’t as aware about cars. 

There are a lot of tricks and tips on the dole. We constantly hear about what to do to keep our vehicle in the best shape. Some tips are spread so far and wide, and they might not even be true. 

That’s where we come in. Not only do we want to ensure your car’s in the best possible shape, we also want you to learn more about it in the process. That’s why we’ve compiled this mythbusting list, courtesy your resident auto service gurus at Service My Car. 

Read on to discover what top 10 car maintenance myths are, in fact, false.

Myth #1 – You should warm the engine up before you drive in the winter

Yes, it’s true that engine parts need to warm up before they can function completely. But, modern engines tend to warm up faster when you’re on the road. 

Moreover, other components like your wheel bearings and your transmission, only warm up once the car’s moving. You also get optimum and efficient fuel performance by using the car, rather than idling it. Starting your car and letting it sit on the driveway does more harm than good with newer cars. 

On the off-chance that you run into engine troubles, Service My Car will gladly fix it. Our hassle-free and comprehensive car engine repair team can take care of all your engine-related troubles. 

Myth #2 – You should always opt for premium fuel since it’s better for your car

This one’s typically reserved for higher-end vehicles. Every so often, it gets told to owners of regular cars too. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t matter unless your vehicle has a high-performance engine. 

Premium fuel only has an effect on vehicles whose engines run hotter than others. The regular option will work just fine for your car. Moreover, it won’t cause any damage to your engine.

As always, you’re advised to check the owner’s manual for more information. Check what your car manufacturer suggests and go with that option. 

Myth #3 – You must replace all four of your tyres at once

If we have to guess, this one was manufactured by tyre shops. It turns out, you don’t need to replace all four of your tyres at once. You can simply replace individual tyres whenever required, as long as it’s the same brand as the others. 

Moreover, you can switch your tyres around whenever required. But, you must ensure that your tyres get rotated with every oil change to maximise their life.

Myth #4 – You must get an engine oil change every 5,000km

Back in the old days of the automotive industry, this rang true. But, automotive technology has exponentially grown since then. That hasn’t stopped major oil and lube companies from promoting this myth though.

Things have changed now. Most cars manufactured within the last 10 years can do with an oil change every 8,000-10,000km. With better quality of synthetic oil, and efficient engine designs, you don’t have to get an oil change too frequently. 

New technology has influenced the automotive service industry as well. You can get a mobile oil change at your doorstep, thanks to modern automotive service solutions like Service My Car.

Myth #5 – You must always get your car maintenance done at the agency

We can all guess the source for this one. There are several moving parts to this. It started out as a warranty clause, as part of your service contract. Yet, most people use their cars for more than 5 years. 

It then changed to the quality of labour and the parts used. Yet, independent car workshops caught on to both of those factors. Nowadays, you can get access to agency-level mechanics and genuine, manufacturer-approved parts in independent car garages too. 

That’s precisely what you get with Service My Car. With an extensive service network, you can get a car service and car maintenance at a workshop that specialises in your brand.

Myth #6 – You must get your transmission fluid flushed every 80,000km

As is the case with modern engine oil, modern transmission fluids last for up to 160,000km. It still varies between vehicles, so you’re advised to refer to the owner’s manual. 

It’s important to know what’s in store when you get a car service. That’s why Service My Car has tailormade service packages that accommodate your requirements. We also strongly adhere to manufacturer recommendations to ensure your car gets exactly what it needs.

Myth #7 – Your battery recharges after a short drive following a jump-start

Your battery can only get charged up completely after a long drive following a jump-start. Moreover, if you’re using various accessories like the radio, cabin lights, phone chargers, etc. it may take even longer.

As a temporary solution, you can drive around for several hours to get back to full charge. But, you’re advised to get a car battery replacement from a trusted place like Service My Car. 

Myth #8 – You should wash your car with dish soap or laundry detergent

We’re not really sure how this came about, but now’s a good time as any for a quick science lesson. Dish soap and laundry detergent tend to be the most stubborn when it comes to removing oils and contaminants. 

Since they’re effective on dishes, utensils, and clothes, you’d expect it to work the same way on your car. It may sound great by that logic, and could save you money, but is highly inadvisable.

Using dish soap or laundry detergent poses severe risk on your car’s wax finish. You don’t want to end up with paint chipping off, exposing the metal in your car to rust.

Instead, just opt for Service My Car’s premium car wash. We use luxurious car shampoo and conditioner to leave your vehicle looking at its best. 

Myth #9 – You should roll down the windows instead of using the A/C for better fuel efficiency 

While you’d think this makes sense, it just needs a deeper thought to be debunked. Your A/C does consume more fuel, but rolling your windows down results in an increased wind resistance. 

Since the car will burn more fuel to compensate for the wind resistance, it makes little to no difference. Moreover, not using the A/C often can result in A/C damage. 

If you find yourself with a car A/C not working correctly, it’s best to get it checked. Get the best car A/C repair Dubai has to offer from Service My Car.

Myth #10 – You must refuel in the morning to get more bang for your buck

The idea here is that gasoline is supposed to expand with heat. Thus, filling up on warmer fuel would mean that you don’t get the best value. However, this one’s busted by the simple fact that fuel is typically stored underground. As a result, it doesn’t matter what time of day you go to fuel up.

All in all, there are many more myths to deal with. We’re barely scratching the surface here. What’s important is that you entrust your vehicle with experts. 

Service My Car enlists the help of specialised car technicians who are experts in all of the region’s biggest car manufacturers. You get the best Volkswagen service at the best Volkswagen garage Dubai, at the best value. 

Getting a car service has never been easier. All you have to do is book your desired service package on our website, or on the Service My Car app. Get your car serviced, and all your car maintenance queries answered now at Service My Car.

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