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The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes are the tailor made boxes. These are made to order packaging boxes which are meant to accommodate a specific product. Die cut boxes are specifically shaped and sized according to the exact dimensions of the product for which they are made. 

These boxes are made using an advanced machine which includes a die and plate. It works just like a cookie cutter. Sheets of manufacturing material or cut into the desired shape and size. This process takes just a few seconds and the sheets of boxes to be folded and glued are ready. 

The die cut boxes are preferred because of their highly customized look. These are especially given a preference when you have to order the boxes in bulk. Die cut boxes have become immensely popular in today’s era of personalized, brand specific packaging. Here are some reasons which make die cut boxes a popular option;

Die Cut Boxes Offer the Highest Precision

The basic purpose of the die cut boxes is to ensure that the boxes provide a perfect git for the product. Unlike any regular carton, or an all purpose standard packaging box, the die cut boxes are made only and specifically for one particular product. Hence they offer highly precise shape and size according to the product’s exact dimensions. 

The die cut machinery usually works in correspondence with a computer guided system. This system ensures the highest level of accuracy according to the required data fed to it. Hence, all sheets of the box manufacturing material are cut into the exactly same size and shape. The data relating to the size is provided to the computer after taking into account the fact that the product receives a snug fit into the box. It should neither be too tight fitting nor too loose leaving a finger’s space for easy insertion and removal of the product.

Die Cut Boxes are Cost Effective

It is just a myth that the die cut boxes cost you a fortune. Especially if you are ordering in bulk, die cutting can actually prove to be the most cost effective option. Most of the bulk box manufacturing companies do not charge anything extra for the die and plate. This helps you save a few bucks. The size, shape, and style of these boxes are adapted by the packaging companies according to the needs of their clients. Die-cut packaging isn’t too difficult It is a straightforward and simple method to cut and shape boxes according to the requirements of customers.

Moreover, since the die cut packaging are made according to the exact dimensions of the box. They do not take extra space on the palettes during shipping. This in turn means more boxes per round and hence the fewer rounds in the end. Hence, the die cut boxes help save you some shipping cost while providing the utmost protection to the product because of the lack of extra space. When the boxes are made with lesser space for mobility, this reduces the need for filling the extra space during shipping. Hence you save on the filling material as well. 

When the machines are able to cut the multiple number of sheets at once. There is also a reduced need for extra labour while at the same time, you save time on box cutting as well. 

Die Cut Boxes are Customizable

Another reason for the popularity of die cut is that they can be customized completely. You can get them made in all sizes and shapes from a cream box to huge appliances and custom folding boxes. In addition to the size and shape, the due cutting also allows customization in design. You can get the windows cut out in your boxes. Or you can also add the hanging tabs in your custom die cut boxes. 

Moreover, when it comes to the printing, here too the options are unlimited. The die cut  accommodate all kinds of customization options in printing. Including the foiling in gold or silver, spot UV, embossing, and debossing. Besides, the matte finish, gloss finish, aqueous coating, semi gloss finish etc. It can also be used to give your boxes a premium look. In short, the die cut packaging are Customizable in every sense. They rule the world of custom boxes with their personalized look. 


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