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The Most Powerful Marijuana Strains

When we talk about the most powerful marijuana, we usually talk about the percentage of THC that is its main psychoactive component. We are going to carry out an analysis of plants whose content in this substance is spectacular. But we must not forget that marijuana produces more than 220 compounds, 85 cannabinoids, 120 terpenes, and about 20 flavonoids.

You can buy any marijuana strains from any marijuana dispensary with the help of medical marijuana card which you can get from a verified doctor.

The most powerful marijuana is not only because of the THC but because of the combination of these substances that determine the aroma and the effects. Due to the complexity and the number of possible combinations, the effects will vary according to the person, the moment, and the balance between all these substances.

In short, a not very strong cannabis variety, if it catches you on an empty stomach and has components that affect you a lot at that time, due to your mood or physique, it can knock you down. That same, after dinner, it may barely have an effect on you, or at least you may not notice it. Still, you always have to be careful when smoking marijuana of any kind.

The current most powerful marijuana strains

The plants that we will see below have all won numerous awards, not only for being the most powerful marijuana. They are plants with very cared aromas and appearance, and of quite high productivity. And if you are a fan of extractions, here you will find some perfect varieties to get a good amount of resin.

Y Griega from Medical Seeds

Tremendously psychoactive plant, with more than 27% THC. For many it is the most powerful variety of marijuana on the market, a difficult crop to control, due to its strong vigor, rapid and continuous growth, it does not stop growing.

Big and heavy buds compared to other Sativas. Very energizing, after the initial blow it causes you lucidity and relaxation. Haze flavor, spices, fragrant woods, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.

Amnesia Bilbo by Genehtik

Another plant with which you will have to be careful, due to its strong growth that is difficult to control. It is recommended, as with the Greek Y, to perform SCRoG. It is somewhat more productive, giving up to 700 g per m². Outdoors you will get a giant plant and more than 1 kilo of buds of the most powerful marijuana. The devastating effect, very active too, Be careful, it will make you lose your head! Haze flavor.

Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds

Despite not being as lively as the previous ones, you will have to be careful with this plant, of the 4 phenotypes that this genetics usually develop, 3 are very active in their development, so they will grow without stopping.

Average productivity, about 500 grams per m². The more bearable effect, thanks to its 50/50 Indica / Sativa genetics, but equally strong. Initial climb that will fill you with euphoria and will not let your mind stop and then, sofa. Depending on the phenotype that the seed develops, the aroma will be more Haze or more Skunk.

Jack 47 from Sweet Seeds

A cross between the Jack Herer and an AK47, great hybrid vigor (property of some hybrids that causes strong growth, higher than the parental one), a more positive effect since it has 75% of this genetics. High productivity, very resistant, and easy to grow. Ideal plant to start with this type of more energetic effect, even so, you have to be very careful with it, it is extremely powerful. Haze aroma, incense, and wood, but with a fresh citrus touch.

Kraken from Buddha Seeds

Power and production are two words that can define this variety. The high is very long-lasting and powerful, despite being predominantly Indica it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated, you will have to be careful when smoking it. The cultivation is typical of this type of plant, good nutrition, and regular watering is all you need, very interesting to plant it anywhere in the peninsular geography. Fresh flavor, almost minty.

Sugar Candy from Delicious Seeds

It is another plant in this series that at the end of flowering has a frosty appearance, so covered with white trichomes that it looks like a sponge cake covered in sugar. This wonder comes from Sugar Black Rose and Caramel, two super awarded. Its 25% THC should make us be careful and choose when to smoke it wisely. High in yield and with aromas of fruit and freshly baked cookies, and mint, licorice, and lavender as fresh aromas that combine perfectly. Very tasty.

Golosa from Delicious Seeds

And we finished our analysis of the most potent marijuana with another Indica, a three-way cross Bay 11 x Grapefruit x Blueberry, created by the best breeders at Delicious Seeds. They have achieved a seed with high production, a very spectacular dark appearance, exotic flavors, rapid maturation (60 days) to green mango, peppermint, coffee, and licorice, and of course an extraordinary potency, exceeding 26% THC.

We hope this short guide helps you select the plants that best suit your needs and remember, you face THE MOST POWERFUL MARIJUANA and great power comes with great responsibility.

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