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The Hidden Features of AdvancedMD EMR You May Have Missed

There are a lot of options out there that can be a potential EMR for your practice. A lot of them have a few notable benefits that they broadcast everywhere for practices to see. Knowing about these benefits is helpful so you can predict what the best possible outcomes can be for your practice. However, they are also essential so you can decide on an EMR.

When it comes to AdvancedMD EMR, there are a lot of hidden benefits you may not even have heard about. However, if you have just been thinking about getting this EMR, having these can add to your growing list of reasons to get this software. So, without any further delays, let’s start looking at the software in question and the benefits it has to offer.

The Benefits Of Using EMR

EMR is a modern solution to the gaps that physicians face on a daily basis as they run their own practices. The word EMR is an acronym for electronic medical records. The name is based on the fact that EMR originally began as a mechanism to convert patient-based files to online records. This helped save space for practices and was the start of modern care.

Today, EMR does a lot more than just shifting medical records from paper to online files. The EMR of today comes packed with a lot of amazing features. You can carry out almost all of the tasks required at any practice through EMR. Plus, the biggest benefit of all is that you can do this at a fraction of the speed that you would need without the EMR.

About AdvancedMD EMR

So what does AdvancedMD EMR do? Well, the answer can be quite complex, but to really understand this software, we should start out by learning what it is. AdvancedMD is an EMR that offers cloud-based services to practices. This means it can store information from the clinic on an online server, which allows them to use it remotely, from anywhere, at any time.

Not just that, the software has been around for long enough to grow into a comprehensive EMR for practices. It offers technological solutions that can address issues that hold clinics back from their full potential. For example, you can use this software to keep schedules in line with what is needed at a practice. There is no wonder why this is such a popular EMR.

AdvancedMD EMR Reviews

Now that you know about the software, you might be curious about its reputation. After all, what other practices have to say about AdvancedMD is necessary so you know if it is a good option to consider. We are happy to report reviews to find that this is a reliable software and one that is easy to use. Some even mentioned it is pleasant to navigate and has great value.

AdvancedMD EMR Cost

There is no cost for AdvancedMD available online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what the quote for you will be. AdvancedMD EMR opts to create personalized quotes for each practice depending on the features you choose and how many users you need. Based on reviews of the software, we can tell you the cost is pretty standard for this kind of EMR.

AdvancedMD EMR Demo

As far as the information on this software goes, the best resource at your disposal is their software demo. A demo is a tour of any software often carried out virtually. It helps you see the navigation and features available before you take the plunge and get the software. In order to get a demo for this software, all you need to do is to contact the vendor and ask!

The Top Features Of AdvancedMD EMR

Finally, we have context about the things about AdvancedMD that will help you decide on its value to your practice. However, the conversation can’t be complete unless you know more about AdvancedMD’s features. So, to ease your mind here is a rundown of some of the features of this software you may not have heard about.


A standout feature that is offered by AdvancedMD is the tool used to take care of patient visits. This helps you take care of appointment scheduling by organizing everything in a way that would eliminate slower days and missed visits. You can also use the software to take care of reminders. Then, patients would be reminded of their visit a day before.

Payment Reminders

Another way to use AdvancedMD you may not have thought about is in regards to reminding patients about outstanding bills. You need these bills to be paid so that your revenue can be sustained after each visit. The software simplifies this task for you by sending patients an automated reminder when their payment is not completed on time, so you don’t have to!

Patient Portal

One of the ways to cut down on the work needed to be done by your front desk staff is to delegate the scheduling tasks to your patients. This can be done effectively when you use a patient portal offered by AdvancedMD. The software portal is a great way to keep patients in the loop and offer them the chance to book their own appointments without making a call.


Using the prescription features from AdvancedMD EMR, you can create prescriptions online and send them to the pharmacy of your patient’s choosing. This can be a huge convenience for everyone involved, both you and your patient. That is because it makes it easier for them to just go and pick up the medicine. They can even request a refill online as well.

Claim Management

You rely on claims in order to generate profit for your practice. However, it is so easy for you to make mistakes that can cost you a claim acceptance. However, with the features in this software, you can cut down on any chances of error. This helps you create claims that have a higher chance of being accepted, as the software scans for errors and alerts you to them.


If you like what you see so far, we recommend that you do your research. With the right information, you will be able to decide if AdvancedMD EMR is the right software for you.

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