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The best selling tips for real estate: How to sell your property quickly and easily

in this article you will know about the Selling Tips and DOs and DONTs while selling your property/home/apartment.

Carry out a market analysis

It is best to look at comparable properties in the region of the property on the Internet on the large portals like Cloudtower1. A common mistake: When it comes to pricing, it is not the sum of your investments from the purchase price to the last repairs and renovations that is decisive, but the location and the market!

An assessment by an expert or appraiser can be useful, then you have to present something tangible to the interested party. However, this can cost several thousand euros. Or use the ImmobilienScout24 evaluation tool. Here you can get an initial approximate market value for significantly less money in just a few steps.

The price is hot Setting

A price that is too high with the thought of having room for negotiation is fundamentally wrong.Because a property that is offered too expensive deters many interested parties from the outset, a price that is too low could lead to the assumption that something is wrong with the property.Gradually lower the price, devaluing your home in the eyes of potential buyers. It is better to set a low price and only engage in minimal price negotiations of luxury apartments in Islamabad.

Perf house image

Home Staging – prepare your property

Look at your object with eyes that are as neutral as possible.You should definitely carry out minor repairs or renovations in advance in order to increase the value of the property.Similar to selling a car, where you take the car to the detailer before you advertise it, your apartment or house should also be prepared specifically for the sale. In this context, the so-called home staging, i.e. the staging or the targeted “styling up” of your property, is becoming increasingly popular. The aim is to make the house appear as neutral, comfortable and spacious as possible. So invest some time and effort in the “packaging”, present your property in the best light so that as many potential buyers as possible feel addressed when looking at your photos,

According to studies, up to 15% higher sales revenue is achieved through home staging and the property is sold faster. So it’s worth it!

Each seller can carry out the measures themselves or use professional support. Do-it-yourself tips or a Germany-wide directory of home staging experts can be found at the German Society for Home Staging and Redesign eV at www.dghr-info.de .

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Gather important documents

In the run-up to the sale, you should gather the following important documents:

– extract from the land register,
– cadastral map,
– floor plan,
– calculation of living space (measure and compile yourself if necessary
– In the case of residential property, the declaration of division, the last
minutes of the owners’ meeting and the last
housing benefit statements.
– Proof of recent investments.
– If available, a valuation report.

The right application mix

When advertising the property, the following applies:don’t mess around, but pack big.Not an ad

switch and then “let’s wait and see”, but advertise compactly and professionally. Internet advertising and newspaper ads are a matter of course. Also check whether a sale sign is to be placed in a clearly visible place on the property or in the window.

The Internet is the means of choice

today Today’s generation of shoppers no longer waits for the newspaper at the weekend.She is looking for her new home on the internet.The Internet is by far the cheapest way for providers to advertise and it reaches the most interested parties. In order to spread the offer as widely as possible, it should be presented in several well-known portals at the same time. There are no good portals for free, but free portals make little sense, because free is usually free. In addition to leading real estate portals such as ImmobilienScout24 and Immonet, we also recommend using the special portal for private real estate offers.

The extra tip: 1 x place the property on the portal and have it automatically transferred to the leading portals ImmobilienScout24, Immonet and many other Internet real estate sites. With these combination ads, you have the best sales opportunities with little work on the PC and save money thanks to the package price.

That’s how long it takes: Choose a term of at least three months on the Internet

Selling a property usually takes between three and six months. Since booking a longer term per month is considerably cheaper, a term booking of at least three months is recommended when selling a property; when renting, a one to three-month publication makes sense, depending on the property.

Don’t get excited too early…

Leave your offer on the Internet, even if a potential buyer has already expressed a firm interest.There is still a long way to go before the notary appointment.Don’t make yourself dependent on one prospect, keep advertising. The object is only sold when the purchase contract is signed and 100% only when the money is in the account.

Your internet exposé

Think of a meaningful headline for your property to generate rental lead gen. Be brief and use short, concise descriptions. Before publication, you should take your time writing and saving the texts for the object and location description on your PC using Word. Think about the special features of your property and what benefits it offers future residents. Any defects in the property should not be concealed in the exposé. The disadvantages are reflected in the price. Praising a property in the exposé beyond the facts in the highest tones and concealing disadvantages at best brings visitors, but no buyers.

A visit should have positive surprises ready and if possible no negative ones. And last but not least: don’t tell everything but make you curious. As a supplement to the internet exposé, it makes sense to have a printed exposé that you can send to potential customers or hand them to them when they visit a simple and good solution with printed exposés .

Good pictures are the be-all and end-all

Photograph as many impressions of your property as possible with a digital camera and then look for the best ones on the PC.Important are: Outside view, view from the garden or from the house to the garden, the bathroom, the kitchen, special features such as fireplace, oven, sauna, floor coverings.It is also important to take detailed photos of a special feature, such as a particularly pretty front door, the bathroom furnishings, etc. If there is a great view of the landscape, don’t just describe it, but show it in the picture. The most beautiful picture should serve as the cover photo. Take your time with your photos. Wait for a blue sky. Clean up before you get started. That makes a better impression.

The Floor Plan Floor

plans are very important.If you don’t have one, you must create one.A legible floor plan makes it easier for prospective buyers to read up on the property. Do not specify any use of the room in it, such as children’s room, office, bedroom. This gives potential buyers the freedom to create their own designs.

The newspaper advertisement

As already mentioned, accompanying newspaper advertising, ie placing a newspaper advertisement, is also important.Here you also have to arouse interest with a concise headline in order not to get lost in the crowd.Refer to your internet listing where there is more information about the property.

The sale

sign If you hide, you will not be found.You should therefore publicly announce that your property is looking for a new owner with a for-sale sign in the garden or in the window.Why? Because residents in the area often know relatives and acquaintances or work colleagues who are looking for a property in your region. The word-of-mouth propaganda via a sales sign is unbeatably cheap.

The viewing appointments

When visiting, you should create a feel-good atmosphere.So: Clear the property of unnecessary clutter, as well as the garage, storage rooms, basement and floor.Before the inspection, clear your house of unnecessary things that you no longer use anyway. The same applies to the living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Rooms cluttered with furniture and accessories appear smaller and less attractive. The house should be clean, well ventilated and smell pleasant, but please no artificial fragrances, it is better to make coffee.

Smokers should only smoke outside four weeks before the sale. Cold smoke smells and does not disappear after an hour of airing, which is unpleasant for many non-smokers. Create atmosphere, e.g. B. light, not too loud, classical background music, flowers, the latest newspaper, or a book. But beware: don’t overdo it and don’t create such a sterile order that the visitor no longer feels comfortable. Provide plenty of light if there is not enough daylight in the apartment.

The conclusion

A real estate sale is formally a complex procedure and is always handled by a notary. He is impartial and explains the details of the purchase contract to both sides. Important: Have the buyer provide you with a confirmation of financing or proof of funds to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, the purchase price is not transferred immediately after signing the contract, but only after the so-called notice of conveyance has been entered in the land register. This protects the buyer and ensures that the seller does not sell the property more than once. If the conveyance has taken place and has been confirmed by the notary, the purchase price can also be paid, for example to a so-called escrow account. Once the amount has been received – or in the buyer’s account –

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