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The Best Gift for Your Kid’s Birthday

This might not seem like much big a deal for you but kids are more than excited for their birthday. All day they wait for those few minutes of candle blowing, attention, cake cutting and happiness that clearly shows on their faces. If your child is recently blabbering about their upcoming birthdays and is asking for many-many gifts then you must not disappoint them.

This does not mean you should be all means fulfill all their wishes no matter how unreasonable their demands are, well that’s wrong parenting. But your kid does deserve some gift on their birthday and this will only make them feel happy and more disciplined as they will know to get the big gift once a year only. Sure, you might be managing the finances in tough times but this article will cover some of the best cheap and amazing birthday gift ideas for your little ones.

Customized Things

Kids are drawn to a specific cartoon, any character or maybe color. Their choices are mostly out of the reason but can we really blame them? Maybe your little on is just unexplainably obsessed with Barney or they need a little extra dose of else from frozen. Either way they bond to a certain character more than the other and you must pay attention to that.

Gifting them something customized such as even a simple t-shirt, a school bag or water bottle with their favorite character’s image on it will make them grin ear to ear. And if customization seems expensive you can always use the shop Disney coupons now.

A Fun Day Planned

No material things just experiences. Give your kid your time and do something really exciting with them. We are sure you will see a unique kind of joy on their little face. Maybe take them on the rides. Get them something sweet and tasty or take them on a jumping castle. They will have fun, play and get tired at the end of the day so you both will have a good night’s sleep.

A Fort Set

Do they love to play hide and seek? Kids love this game and spend hours with it. Here is your chance to make it even better. With a fort building set, families can build forts that resemble towers, domes, or castles, taking their blanket forts to the next level. The rods and balls are usually included, but you must bring your own blankets and sheets.

Book Subscription

To encourage your kids to read you can encourage them right on their birthday. With a Book club subscription, you can help your kid develop a love of reading. There are many monthly subscription services that sends hand-picked books to your home for children aged newborn to ten. Pick the right club for your child—board books, picture books, or chapter books—and prepare to dive into a whole new world of children’s reading.

Buggy Car

If they are aged around 3 to 4 they might want to explore traveling. Don’t send them out of home alone but get them a buggy car so they can enjoy rides on their own. A little buggy car can be their next favorite thing and maybe something really nice before they get their hands on proper cycling.

A Talking Cookie Jar

This gift will be your kid’s best buddy. Do you want to raise a math prodigy? With the Learning Journey Counting Cookie Jar, you may start your baby on the path to counting. The beautiful red cookie jar comes with ten chocolate chip “cookies” and two play modes that teach counting and numbers (plus it has a really funny little voice).

Indoor Bowling Set

For kids who prefer life on the sports field, the lengthy winter months may be torturous. An Indoor Bowling Set can keep your little sports lover occupied on snow days. The pins and ball are made of rubber, so you won’t have to listen to the din of crashing bowling pins. It also comes with a pin set-up template and a see-through plastic backpack, so you can simply carry the game out to the lawn as the weather warms up.

Alphabetical Robots

With kids, learning is only possible when it’s done in a fun exciting way. Learning to read and spell may be enjoyable for your child, especially if he or she has a set of Alpha-Bots. The big plastic upper-case letters effortlessly convert into action-figure robots with only a few twists and turns. The Alpha-Bots, which are suitable for children aged 3 to 5, are a fun method for youngsters to learn as they play.


Lego toys never go out of style no matter how old your kid gets. Heck there are even Legos for adults and many people buy them too. No we are not judging you. But if your little one is into construction then Lego toys are hands down the best gift for them.

Video Games

No matter how much a parent hates video games, the truth is no childhood is complete without video games. Video games make a kid know and learn about virtual world and if you cut your kids off of video game then let the truth be told you are doing them no favor.

Ball Pit

If you’ve ever visited an indoor playground, you know that the ball pit is a popular hangout for toddlers, but it’s also a breeding ground for viruses. With a Play Tent and Pop-up ball pit, you can make your own (less germy) version at home. The two tunnels will appeal to toddlers and pre-walkers, and it comes with a carrying bag that can be folded and stored when not in use.


Alexa Jhon is a B2B Digital Marketing veteran, with close to 10 years client experience in web marketing project management and corporate training.

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