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Computers and Technology

Simple Tips To Setup Your Synology DS162+ Device Using an App

Nowadays, the NAS storage device plays a key role in storing files up to a large extent. The storage device such as pen drives, CD disks, and even hard drives has not enough storage that can fulfill the requirements of large companies. In that situation, NAS storage devices become more important. There is a device called Synology DS162+ device that is capable of storing up to TBs of data with six hard drive trays on the front. Storing the data and recovering it very easily. The existing storage capacity can be expanded by 32GB even after inputting all the hard drives. You can access it anywhere or anytime by using a username and password.

It also works as an entertainment hub as media files can be accessed from the computer by connecting it to the NAS device. If you use an adapter card, it enhances the system performance with the cache. You can judge the running status of the DS162+ device by LED lights. The Quad-core CPU processor boosts the reading and writing speed of the device. The inbuilt fan will remove the hot air which can occur from overheating. It maintains the temperature of the device. Data privacy of the user is the main goal of the Synology team.

Tips To Setup Your Synology DS162+ Device Using an app

If you are willing to set up your NAS storage device using an app, then here are the steps through which you can do it.

Download the Synology app

Firstly, Open the store and type the Synology app in the search box from your mobile phone. Now hit the download tab and open it after the installation process is completed. Look for the + option and click on it. After clicking it, it will offer to add the device. The list of Synology devices will appear, select DS162+ from it.

Login With Synology ID

You will see the Synology DS162+ login interface. Enter the Synology ID details by entering the name and passcode. If using the app for the first time, then tap on the Signup icon and enter the details to register for the Synology ID.

Manage the Synology App

Click Settings from the menu. Now it will take you to select your region and language. You can change the channel and frequency band as per your location. Now type the Synology network name as per your wish. After doing all that, hit apply settings. Now we are gonna tell you the operation to find the DS162+ storage device using a web assistant.

Find Your Synology DS162+ Device Using The Web Assistant

There are two ways to find your NAS device. It is by web assistant and Synology assistant option. But here, we discuss the process to find the NAS device using the web assistant feature. Before that, make sure you have a PC that is connected to the local network as your DS162+ device is. Also, confirm that the internet connection can be accessible. Go to the info center under the control panel option. On the share network option, tick the enable web assistant option. These all settings should be done before going to find your Synology device. Follow the instructions to find your Synology device using the web assistance feature.

Firstly, turn ON your NAS device by plugging it into the AC socket and by thumbing down the power button for a while. Launch the browser from the PC and enter find Synology. After that, the web assistant will be opened onto the interface. It will search your NAS device that is connected to the local network. Click Connect option and you can now move to start the setup operation. Now complete the setup operation. Move to the DSM option, if you can access the DSM feature.


Reviewing this item after 15 months of purchasing. It is an awesome device and I have been using it for my workplace. It has been working pretty well since I bought this item. Synology also works as an entertainment hub as you can access the media files easily on your PC. If you wish to find the device, you can do it by using web assistant and Synology assistant features. The remote access features offer you to manage the stored data just by logging into the browser This feature makes this device reliable to purchase. The data privacy is up to mark. Coming to the point, a value for money storage device for big companies to store data in a secure way. I suggest buying this item for storing large files.

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