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Signs and symptoms of unbalanced tyres

A decrease in performance of the vehicle can be caused by many underlying issues in the vehicle. It is difficult to find the reason that is causing this trouble. However, like any disease in humans have some specific symptoms, issues with a certain part of the vehicle have their own symptoms. An unbalanced tyre is an anomaly common in vehicles, which decreases the performance and life of tyres. Here we will look at the few symptoms of the unbalanced tyres

What are unbalanced tyres?

When the mass of the tyre and wheel assembly isn’t equally distributed throughout the assembly, this situation is called unbalanced tyres or wheels. This leads one side of the wheel with more weight than the other side to rotate unevenly. No wheel and tyre come balanced, because of which when the wheels are mounted for the first time on the vehicles, they are balanced first and then mounted to avoid all the issues related to unbalanced tyre. Unbalanced tyre causes many problems which affect the handling and performance of the vehicle. Many symptoms of an unbalanced tyre can be seen and experienced while driving, especially at high speed.

Symptoms of unbalanced tyres


It is the most common symptom that can be felt or experienced in vehicles with unbalanced tyres. While driving if you experience vibrations, it could be a sign of unbalanced car tyres. Many times people think that the poor condition of the roads is the source for those vibrations, but even the roughest roads won’t create strong vibrations. Usually, these vibrations start from the steering, which can be confused with other problems of the engine, brake, steering, or maybe wheel alignment. To be sure of the situation, if these vibrations worsen with an increase in speed, then it is due to the same reason.

Irregular and excessive tread wear

Tread wear is a natural phenomenon, but uneven tread wear requires attention to understand the underlying issue. This symptom is visible during the daily inspection of tyre pressure, if one section of the tyre is more worn out than the rest of the sections of tyre then it could be due to unbalanced tyres. This happens due to the more stress or pressure on the section with more weight during the motion causing faster wearing of this particular section.


Unbalanced tyres cause uneven rotational motion of the wheel, which in turn causes vibrations and shaking that can be felt in steering, as the steering is connected to the wheel. These vibrations make the response of the steering system delayed, which is unsafe.

Poor fuel economy

Uneven wearing caused by unbalanced tyres requires more power to keep the vehicle in motion. Driving with an unbalanced tyre have the same effect on fuel economy just like driving with a flat tyre.

What to do in case of unbalanced tyres?

In the case of unbalanced tyres, you will need to get professional help by visiting a car workshop. Garages provide the service of wheel balancing to correct the anomaly of a tyre. Wheel balancing is a process to check whether mass distributed among the tyre and wheel assembly is even or not. A machine called wheel balancer is used to detect the uneven distribution of the mass by spinning the wheel. It tells the point where additional weight is required for even distribution of mass. In the end, weight is added manually to the wheel to balance the wheel.

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