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Health and Fitness

Reasons to have Knee Surgery in Jaipur

Knee surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty or knee resurfacing. Knee replacement surgery replaces a damaged, worn, or diseased knee joint’s weight-bearing surface. The goal is to get rid of the discomfort and regain movement. There are various hospitals and medical clinics with a dedicated team of doctors for knee surgery in Jaipur.

The human knee consists of many parts such as the collateral ligament, meniscus, patella, etc. That helps in the proper functioning of the knee bone, which ultimately helps the person walk, run, and do other activities smoothly. 

Why have Knee Surgery in Jaipur?

There are various reasons why people should consider having knee surgery. Generally, knee surgery is opted by people who have:

  1. Knee discomfort or stiffness makes it difficult to walk, move upstairs, get in and out of automobiles, or get out of a chair.
  2. Knee discomfort that is moderate but never goes away, even when sleeping or resting. People suffering from persistent knee inflammation and swelling will not go away despite medicine or rest.
  3. Knee deformities, either their knee is bent towards the inside or outside.

Various types of Knee Surgery in Jaipur

When we talk about types of knee replacement surgeries, it can be categorized into two types:

  1. Partial knee replacement surgery-

    In this type of surgery, only one side of the knee joint is replaced with partial replacement. Since less bone is removed, the incision is smaller, but it does not last as long as a total replacement. People who have only one portion of their knee damaged should consider partial knee replacement. There is less blood loss and a decreased risk of infection and blood clots in these surgeries that make post-operative rehabilitation easier. The hospital stay and recuperation time are usually shorter, and the patient has a better chance of moving more naturally.

  2. Total knee replacement surgery-

    In this type of surgery, both sides of the knee joint are replaced during surgery. It is one of the prevalent methods. This procedure might take anywhere from one to three hours. The person will have less discomfort and more mobility, but scar tissue will develop, making it harder to flex and bend the knees. A total knee replacement surgery is a surgical treatment that involves replacing the damaged knee joint with an artificial one. The knee is a hinge joint that allows movement at the intersection of the thigh and the lower leg. At the knee joint, the thigh bone (or femur) meets the prominent bone of the lower leg (tibia).

Things to Consider before Having Knee Surgery in Jaipur

Despite the source of the joint injury, the patient’s gradually worsening pain and stiffness, as well as decreased daily function, might lead to complete knee replacement. It is not easy to decide whether or not to get knee replacement surgery. Before deciding on a knee replacement, patients should be aware of the dangers and the advantages. Though knee surgeries are common nowadays, a person shall consider certain things such as recovery time, weakness after the surgery, etc.

Various things One Should Keep in Mind

  • The patient shall disclose all the medications that he/she is taking before the surgery. This is because the medicines that the patient is taking might change the result of the surgery that he/she would undergo. 
  • Blood tests for liver and kidney function and urine tests are performed regularly on the patient to look for symptoms of anemia, infection, or aberrant metabolism. A chest X-ray and an EKG are used to rule out severe heart and lung problems that might prevent surgery or anesthesia.
  • The human body weight also impacts knee surgeries. This is because the legs and, to be specific, knees take all the human body’s weight. If a patient weighs more than a specific limit, knee replacement surgery is less likely to have a favorable long-term result. Excess body weight increases the likelihood of loosening and dislocating the replacement knee, making rehabilitation more difficult.

As long as the instructions provided by the doctor before and after the surgery are followed. The surgery would give better results. 

The Bottom Line

If you are suffering knee problems and want knee surgery for better conditions then joints pro clinic is the best option. They provide the best and affordable services under an experienced doctor. They provide all facilities related to surgery. Knee Surgeon is also called an orthopedic doctor in Jaipur. So always visit knee doctor for better treatment. If you have any queries then you should visit the website and call us.

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