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.NET Framework – The Obvious Choice For Future Web App Development

For several years, developers have been searching for a framework that has the potential to help them create applications without much headache. With the evolution of the .NET framework, the purpose has been served. Microsoft developed .NET to bridge the gap created by XML web services as XML was not only a rigid software, it was also time-consuming and challenging to understand. 

Data and numbers state that the Microsoft .NET framework is the first choice of developers for enterprise and software applications. Its efficacy and reliability make it the best choice for developing high-quality and dynamic applications. DotNET also supports scalability, which is why several promising Fortune500 companies rely on it for app building. 

DotNET also offers a secure OOP or Object Oriented Programming environment. Also, it is one of the very few frameworks that can develop apps that can operate on multiple platforms. Additionally, It is a flexible and scalable framework that has enabled developers to create applications.

These apps are compatible with desktops, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, as well as servers. The .NET framework also supports cross-platform apps that work efficiently on Linux, Windows, and Mac.Uses of .NET Framework

The .NET framework supports nearly 60 programming languages, including (but not limited to) C++, TypeScript, and C#. Given how robust and scalable DotNET is, developers have the edge when it comes to creating dynamic applications. Here are some of the uses of DotNET that make it the ultimate choice of developers.

● Mobile Applications

DotNET has the potential to add new features to mobile applications. Furthermore, it blends well with Xamarin, the open-source mobile app platform, as well as aids Dotnet developers in designing robust mobile applications.

● Game Development

DotNET offers versatile features, enabling developers to develop games as well as a gaming environment that does not lag in real-time. It provides a complete package consisting of an ecosystem that supports gaming applications and enhances the user experience.

● Enterprise Applications

.NET Development Services are useful in developing scalable CMS systems and ERP applications. They also help in the efficient and seamless operations of these enterprise-based applications.

● Internet of Things or IoT

IoT has come a long way, given its potential of connecting devices and their smart features. IoT has given rise to the highly rewarding performance of devices and also their interoperability.

Hire .NET Developers

Advantages of the .NET framework

One of the exponentially growing and highly advanced domains for web application development is provided by. NET.

A .NET application development company houses .NET web application developers who have the skills to fiddle with the advantages that the technology provides. Hence, the set of benefits that DotNET boasts as many in number as the traditional frameworks used for software development. Some of the notable set of advantages are:

● Deployment

The deployment of code using DotNET happens with no hassle. DotNET provides a controlled code sharing facility and side-by-side versioning, thus making it easy to use the framework.

● Security and Safety

DotNET provides an increased network of security and safety to all the applications that use DotNET for development.

● Requires Less Coding For Deployment

.NET Development Services rely on OOP or object-oriented programming methodology. Furthermore, Developers can utilize OOP to reduce the number of code lines without affecting the results. Another advantage of OOP is code reusability. Thus, developing an application with DotNET takes less time.

● A Viable Option

DotNET is a flexible model that allows for the creation of dynamic mobile applications. It works wonders when mobile applications are linked to websites.

● Operational Simplicity

DotNET enables seamless deployment, client authorization, online form submission, and lastly,  site configuration.

● Easy Monitoring

.NET is a reliable framework, thanks to the easy monitoring feature that it provides. It checks for memory leaks, infinite loops, as well as security issues. .NET web development company uses an easy monitoring feature to eradicate these errors and restarts on its own.

Types of Applications Built Using the .NET Framework

Top 3 .NET frameworks

Ever since Microsoft came up with the .NET framework, it has managed to rope in various versions of it. Additionally, Each version is an upgrade to the previous one. Some of the latest versions of DotNET are as follows:

  • .NET 5
  • Azure Cloud Development
  • Blazor (Open Source .NET Framework)

The .NET 5 Framework

It is the advanced version of .NET and has additional features and capabilities when compared to. NET. It is one of the best frameworks that developers today use. Moreover, It provides an option to migrate to Blazor, Vue SPA, React, and Angular. In case you have trouble understanding its working or features, you can hire .NET developers to help you with it.

As per speculations, .NET 5 offers the following features:

  • ASP.NET Core shall soon replace ASP.NET.
  • Json.NET is replaced by System.Text.Json.JsonDocument. 
  • EF Core shall soon replace EF 6. 
  • Lastly, ASP.NET Core MVC combines ASP.NET MVC and Web API.

The Azure Cloud

Several developers rely on cloud computing as it eliminates the need for a local processing unit or system. When data is stored in the cloud, developers can access it at any given time. When Microsoft saw the world shifting to the cloud, it introduced Azure Cloud.

Thus, technology like Azure Cloud makes it easy for businesses to scale. It also reduces the need for continuous maintenance and is versatile and flexible. 

Features of Azure Cloud

  • Enhanced security measures
  • Excellent single pane operability
  • Seamless BCDR integration
  • Data resiliency

The Blazor Framework

Blazor is a free and open-source single-page application (SPA) framework. It is also extensively used for developing engaging client-side web apps. Additionally, It is compatible with all present-day browsers. Blazor framework also uses C3, HTML, and Razor. 

Features of Blazor 

  • Easy routing
  • Excellent dependency injection
  • JavaScript interop
  • Layouts
  • Excellent server-side rendering
  • lastly, Capable validation and form-filling

Wrapping up!

.NET has established itself as the obvious choice of most developers when it comes to web application development. However, In a span of just a few years, it has managed to emerge as the face of modern-day web applications.

Be it an interactive and user-friendly mobile app or a dynamic website, .NET is your go-to. Additionally,  it has all the features that make your app secure, scalable, flexible, and reliable. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all Operating Systems and devices. So, if you are choosing Dotnet for your next project, ping us now. As a .NET development company, we have developed first-grade solutions for clients in different industries.

Hire .NET Developers

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