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Mistakes to Avoid in High Stakes Online Poker Tournaments in India

As much as you learn the basics of playing poker tournament in India, mastering the craft can be a huge task for players who are relatively new to the game. It is okay to commit mistakes in poker tournament when you are learning; sometimes, it even helps with your learning by acquainting you with the nuances that a rule book won’t divulge. Here are some of the common mistakes poker players make when playing the poker tournament in India.

Poker Tournament in India Common Strategy

Playing a selective hand in poker tournament in India

While some players consider it boring and defensive to fold early in poker tournament in India, they should know when to fold. When you keep playing every hand, it is indicative that you might have a weak hand. Playing more selectively will not only help you master the game but will also improve your win rate.

Playing too tight in poker tournament in India

If playing tight has its advantages playing too tight has its disadvantages as well. By participating less, you stand a chance to miss out on marginally profitable spots. The ideal combination for a poker player would be a nice amalgamation of good hands and effective bluffs. That is what makes your game difficult to read.

Poker Tournament in India Stagnant Strategy

Some poker players like to bluff, whereas some play loose and tight. It is very important to have a fluid strategy while playing against different opponents. Being fluid makes you unpredictable, which makes you a good player, and a strategy depends on the circumstance under which you are playing. So, it is important to play the situation and the opponent.

Not planning

Poker like chess is a game of consequence. A choice that you make now is going to affect you in the long run, so it is very important to plan and plan definitively in Poker. If you don’t think of your choices, chances are you are going to find yourself in a challenging situation with fewer options when you play online poker tournament in India.

Not considering HUD displays

Online poker players often don’t check the HUD displays that contain important information about the opponents that they will play and give you an insight into their playing style. However, do not base all your decision on that because the HUD data is often taken from a small sample size, which can be misleading.

Trying to Play Fancy 

When poker players are in the beginner stages of their learning curve, they try to learn as much as possible. As soon as they start getting some match experience, they try and complicate even the simpler strategies to win online games easily. In a high-stakes game, you need to be solid with your basics, even if you are not confident of your gameplay.

Not being assertive

One of the major risks that high rollers take is to be very aggressive in their approach. While a newbie might just be aggressive and take a risk, your success depends on how much intelligence you exert behind the aggression. One of the biggest indicators of you being timid is known as cold calling.

Bluffing beginners – Poker Tournament in India

One of the major disadvantages of beginner poker players is their unpredictability and their ignorance of poker strategies. If you think you can bluff your way out of a situation and raise your stakes, a beginner might call you not knowing how it works. So, it is advised that you stick to basics while playing the beginners. This is what someone might refer to as beginner’s luck.

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Showing your cards

At the end of each round, all the poker players have to show their cards but you should not show the cards you are competing with at any point in the game. If you believe that your chances of winning are low and others are calling, then it is better to fold than to show.

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