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Is Homework a Burden?

Homework is a task or assignment which is given by teachers to the students which is supposed to be done at home apart from school. Homework is a category under which students have to complete assignments like reading, writing, problem solving, a particular project and several other types of assignments. There had been a grave debate regarding homework and its effect on the children’s psychological situation. The burden of school bag and homework on the students has already been a bog pressure on the children. It is ridiculous though grave, that size of bags is getting bigger than kids. Schools have almost forgotten that these are mere kids who are getting crushed under the burden of homework. The core reason of providing students homework is to make them efficient in their knowledge and information and make them habitual of hard work in their studies and learning process. This has become such a huge issue among parents and educational institutions that being pressurized by such situations few educational institutions have decided to fix the limit of homework and homework hours. Homework is something very creative designed for the students but it has been imposed in a very wrong way on the students. Hence, it has been a matter of debate that homework a burden? Let’s find out the role of homework.

Pros of Homework:

  • Homework is a kind of process which is designed for the students so that they can practice the course material they learn in school. It is so because continuous practice is very important regarding the learning process in order to memorize whatever is learned in school.
  • Homework is a very creative process and when students get busy in this process their mind power gets improved and apart from this being busy with homework students and kids stay away from mischievous and harmful activities.
  • Today students are learning from a mobile teacher app and this mobile teacher app is helping them a lot. These days students are learning online and homework invokes a sense of responsibility in them when even after school is over they study at home. They take assistance from their mentors on video call On this type of video call they ask their doubts and get their solution.
  • Homework gives that capability to the students that they get control over the study material which is being taught in the school and their intellectual level gets boost from this process because when they memorize the course material they accomplish a preparation regarding their exams but far away from pressure and burden of preparation of exam.
  • Homework is such a process which gives parents a chance to participate in the academic life of their child and become a part of his/her growth in it. Homework also increases the intellectual level of students by making them habitual of regular hard work along with participation of parents. It is so because when parents impart their knowledge and experience, kids also get to learn a lot from parents while doing their homework.
  • Students began to manage their studies and the schedule of preparation for exams properly once they came into the habit of completing their homework timely. Such a habit makes students organized in their personal life also which benefits them their whole life.

Cons of Homework:

  • Excessive homework makes a student’s mind crushed under the burden of assignments along with preparation of exams. This breaks the moral of the students and they cannot earn good marks in exams
  • Homework is easy for those students who are rich enough to bear the expenses but those students who are poor and cannot afford a computer or laptop for the completion of their assignment or projects they have to suffer a lot due this situation.
  • Huge amount of homework which can be more than 2 hours to do is diminishing the eyesight of the children and giving them partial migraines
  • Sometimes homework puts a situation of dilemma in front of students because often it is seen that parents make their kids do their homework in a different way far different from teachers teaching in school

Therefore it is clear that homework is not a burden if given in a controlled manner to the students.

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