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Importance of E-learning at the Time of COVID 19

With the spread of COVID 19, E-learning experienced a major rise in the graph. The use of computers and the internet in learning is known as E-learning. For learning online one doesn’t need to visit a school, university, or any kind of classroom. one can learn in the safety of its own house.

Due to lockdown all over the world, everyone had found alternative options to prosper. Offices had imposed work from home policies, even courts started working online. This was a way to move on with life. The same goes for education, gathering in schools, universities or classrooms was considered a potential place for the virus to spread. Educational institutions all over the world were closed. While the virus kept spreading and lockdown imposed, educational institutions had to come up with a new strategy to keep educating their students. Because waiting for the pandemic to pass was no longer an option. Schools/Madrassas/universities started teaching online. Starting from learning the basic alphabet in the playgroup to defending Ph.D. publications and thesis. From Noorani Qaida for kids to Hifz-e-Quran Students. Every class and course was being taught online all over the world. This aided in stopping the wastage of time.

While Schools all over the world were able to introduce different apps or web portals to carry on their classes with their respective students. Madrassas and Quran education academies also came forward with their websites. They teach all kinds of courses online to students all over the world, starting from Noorani Qaida for kids, Quran recitation, Hifz, Translation, and so on.

E-learning helped in bringing people close while Isolating:

E-learning in this time of lockdown and COVID-19 acted as a barrier to keep people connected. It helped in making sure people are learning new skills but also helped people to have a connection with the outer world in this depressing time of the pandemic.

Students from remote and rural areas benefited from E-learning:

People from rural areas and villages were introduced to the internet and E-learning made it easy for them to learn all sorts of courses. Education now is just a few clicks away, you don’t need to travel miles for learning a course, you can learn at your home. Muslim kids don’t need to go to Madrassas for basic Quran education. Little kids can learn Noorani Qaida for kids on their pc or phone by E-learning.

Students were able to learn and get certified from World’s top universities through online courses:

With everything closed down, all the major universities and institutions introduced free online courses for people of all nationalities and ethnicities, people were able to learn courses from OXFORD and YALE, while sitting in their rooms. In a way. E-learning in lockdown brought education and skills to people from all over the world.Google, Microsoft, Harvard, Cambridge, Yale introduced basic E-learning courses for programming languages, Basic life support, photo editing, videography and language learning, etc. Free online courses in every field offered to people around the world.

Online course providers were offering free online courses in response to pandemics and lockdown. Few of the online courses offered by universities are as follows: –

Computer science courses with a certificate:

– Computer programming for everyone

– Artificial Intelligence

– Web analytics

– Retail

– Web development

– Social media marketing

– E-commerce

– Introduction to UX and Accessible Design

Healthcare courses with a certificate:

– COVID-19: Psychological First Aid

– COVID-19: Helping Youth in managing Low Mood and Depression

– Exploring Body Neutrality and Body Image

Teaching courses with a certificate:

– How To Teach Online

-Using Online teaching software

– Quran education

– Solving Inequality in Education

Quran education courses:

– Noorani Qaida for kids

– Online tajweed

– Translation of Quran

– Recitation of Quran Kareem

Online Quran academies started giving free education courses to people all over the globe. Few online Quran learning academies had Noorani Qaida for kids Course free for Quran students. These kinds of steps were helpful in lockdown times.

Elearning helped people learn new skills and even change their careers:

Many people changed their careers by learning new skills with the free time they had in lockdown. From the skills taught online, people started exploring their interests and mastered new hard and soft skills by E-learning.

Due to lockdown students had time to focus on their education more, because, with a lot of time on hand and no other activities, they were able to catch up in their assignments, reading, and studying.

While E-learning is an alternative way to carry on education, it also had some adverse effects on the mental health of students. There were cases in which their loved ones were battling with COVID and these poor students were stuck with deadlines.

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