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How To Kickstart A Online Food Delivery Business By Gopuff Clone App?

The conception of ordering food online has raised in the past few years. The new technology of ordering and delivery systems has changed the entire world. Now, most people are adapted to the technological changes, they can order their favorite food via the app. And people can receive their ordered food at their favorite place. The restaurant is getting less crowded day by day. Now many people prefer to order from their homes with ease.

In the current situation, most people are working from home. They cannot visit the restaurants as they have a busy schedule. In this situation, a food delivery app is an added advantage. Moreover, the net value of the food delivery industry has witnessed a massive increase. Most entrepreneurs are planning to develop a food delivery app looking at the rising industry.

What is Go Puff App?

Go Puff is an on-demand delivery service that quenches its customers with a variety of products firstly concentrated in Snacks and Drinks. It has adapted the golden goose outlook made famous by amazon.com, enabling it to operate and earn profits even without spending a single pile in producing/manufacturing food products. It just acts as an online privilege store that provides a platform for food product brands and connects them with customers. Go Puff is mostly popular for some products like snacks, alcohol, beverages, ice-creams, and many others.

Development Steps of Go Puff App

  • Do Market Research
    The first step of Go Puff clone app development is to gestate the idea and research the market to understand the competitors in the on-demand food delivery industry.
  • Decide Your USP
    You have to decide on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that is precise to your company. This segregates you from your competitors. USP can be in terms of services, features, benefits, and much more. The unique offerings help to gain more customers and build a loyal customer base.
  • Planning Your Budget
    The features and functionality decide the cost of developing an app like Go Puff. Many other factors affect the app development cost like App Design, App Platform, Development Methods, Technology Stack, API Integration, and others.
  • Choose Business Model
    Food delivery apps can have different business models, Berets, Deliveroo, or more, and we will focus on developing an app like Go Puff.
  • Choose The Revenue Model
    Analyze the Go Puff revenue model and compose the right monetization strategy for your GoPuff like the app and also understand the revenue streams you would like to add to your business model.
  • Develop Your App Like Go Puff
    Now you have a business model, the right partners, and market knowledge, the next step is to develop your food delivery platform. Choose the right mobile app development company to secure the right set of features and app architecture.

Expected Features For Developing The Go puff Clone App

The GoPuff clone app contains three interfaces, namely the Customer interface, Delivery partner interface, and Supplier interface. The inevitable features in these interfaces are as follows.

gopuff app features

1. Customer Interface

  • Quick registration/login
    Ensure the onboarding/registration process is easy and ingenious. It allows your customers to register or sign up with the delivery app via social media accounts. Also, you can register manually by entering the relevant information.
  • Review order
    This feature allows the customers to view the order before the checkout process. So, they can include or deport any products from the cart.
  • Order history
    Order history contains information regarding the previous orders. They can repeat the order if they want to buy the same again. In this outline, they do not have to spend a lot of time and effort making an order.
  • Tracking location
    As the app is inclusive of the location tracking system. And it also enables customers to check the delivery partner’s location in real-time upon the confirmation of the order request.
  • Push notifications
    The food delivery app sends a notification of order and delivery details from time to time & makes sure your customers get relevant updates.
  • Customer Support
    This feature allows the customers to contact the delivery partner via message or call.
  • Offer Rewards or Discounts
    Providing discounts and offers acts as an encouragement for customers to purchase more via the app.

2. Supplier Interface

  • Connect to customer
    Using the chat feature, the supplier can contact customers as well as delivery partners hassle-free, at any time.
  • Push notifications
    This feature is necessary as they keep the suppliers aware of all the orders placed and the ones that are being fulfilled.
  • Analysis or Generate Reports
    Suppliers are able to generate reports of the previous month’s app performance. It helps to analyze the customers’ preferences and behavior clearly.

3. Admin panel

Admin panel contains all the information regarding the products listed by the seller and also it shows the details about the product that is in more demand. And also shows which type of products customers are buying.

4. Delivery Partner Interface

  • Order History
    When the customers’ order request is confirmed, the delivery boy will be assigned. After acceptance of the delivery request, the delivery boy can view the order details. It helps to know that all products are delivered or not.
  • Accept/reject a delivery request
    The delivery boy has the option to accept or reject the delivery request due to valid reasons. When the assigned delivery boy rejects the request, it will be passed on to the next delivery boy. If the delivery boy accepts the request, the order details will be available and they able to pick the order for delivery.
  • Customer profile
    The delivery boy must have the basic profile details of the customer which will help to ensure that the right person has accepted the order or not.

Summing Up:

Above I explain how to kickstart an online food delivery business by go Puff clone app. If you want to develop a food delivery app like Go Puff then read this article and know its development process, features in detail. If you any query then do not hesitate to contact us.

Eliza Smith

Hii!! I am Eliza Smith at PeppyOcean, leading Taxi App Development Company in India, provides on demand Uber Clone App development services. I like to write blogs and articles on leatest technologies.

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