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How to Clean and Maintain your Cast Iron Griddle pan

Cleaning and maintenance of your cast iron griddle pan need to be done properly in order to ensure that it stays rust-free and lasts for a long time. Whether you have a seasoned cast iron pan or an unseasoned cast iron pan, you should still be careful.

The most common way in which cast iron griddle pans get damaged is through chipping or cracking. Chips and cracks are usually caused by thermal shock when the cast iron is dropped or exposed to a temperature difference too quickly. This can happen during cooking procedures with cast irons such as placing it in cold water.

Generally, there are three steps to follow if you want to keep your cast iron in tip-top condition.

Wash the cast iron pan with water

Scrub the cast iron pan with a stiff brush. The best-cast iron scrubbing brushes are made of brass or stainless steel, not plastic because they will damage the cast iron pan. Don’t place your cast-iron griddle in cold water after it has been heated on your stovetop. Instead, turn off your stovetop and let it cool down completely, and then cast iron pan cleaning cast iron griddle cast irons cast iron cookware cast iron pans cast iron skillet using a cast iron scrubber cast iron grill pan cast iron skillets how to clean a rusty cast iron skillet kosher salt

Dry the cast-iron griddle pan

Use a paper towel to dry the pan out. Apply a thin layer of oil to the cast-iron griddle and place it on your stovetop over medium heat until the oil begins to smoke. Keep in mind that cast iron pans should not be washed with soap – instead, just use water and a stiff brush to clean.

How to restore a rusty pan

Restoring a rusty iron pan involves removing the rust and coating it with oil to prevent further rusting. It’s important to use kosher salt as table salt can be corrosive and cause damage to cast-iron cookware.

Begin by scrubbing the pan with warm soapy water and steel wool. If the cast iron still needs more work, use a paste of kosher salt and water. Rub the paste over the cast-iron pan using a cloth and then rinse off and dry.

Place the cookware upside down in an oven set at 400°F for an hour to seal the cast iron.

If the cast-iron pan is still rusty after restoring, you may need to reseason it by applying a thin layer of oil and heating it in your oven several times. Repeat this process until the cast iron stops rusting. A cast-iron owner should not have to season the cast iron griddle as much as a cast-iron owner would have to do.

After following these steps, you will be able to experience a cleaner cast iron pan that is protected from rust and chips or cracks forming by thermal shock. This means that your cast-iron griddles will last longer and continue to give you excellent cooking results.

Frequently asked questions

Can I soak my cast iron pan?

No, cast iron pans will rust easily if soaked. You should also avoid putting cast iron pans in the dishwasher or leaving them on soaking wet surfaces.

Where can I buy cast iron cookware?

You can find cast iron pans on Amazon or your local department store. You can also buy cast-iron skillets online at Walmart.

Can I use steel wool or a metal scrubber?

No! We recommend using a pan scraper to get rid of any stuck-on residue.

We only recommend using steel wool or a metal scrubber to when getting rid of rust before re-seasoning the pan.

Can I put my cast iron pan in a dishwasher?

It is not recommended to put your pan in a dishwasher. It is best to handwash your pan instead. A dishwasher will remove the seasoning which will make it rust.

Can cast iron pans go in the oven?

You can place cast iron pan in the oven when it is preheated, but remember to use an oven mitt.

What causes cast iron pans to rust?

Exposure to water will cause cast irons to experience rusting so try not to get it wet if you can help it. Also, cast-iron pans will rust if exposed to a temperature difference too quickly.

How do I clean a cast iron grill?

The best way to clean cast-iron grills is to use kosher salt and a paper towel or cast-iron cleaning scrubber. The salt will absorb the grease from the pan.

What are some tips to clean cast iron pans?

You should always make sure that you let the cast-iron cookware cool down after removing it from heat. It is best to use kosher salt and a paper towel or cast-iron cleaning brush to clean cast iron.

What is the best way to season cast iron cookware?

It is recommended that you use flaxseed oil to season your cast-iron pan. After you have cleaned and dried your cast iron, you should apply a thin layer of flaxseed oil before placing it on the stovetop over medium heat. Keep in mind that cast iron pans should not be washed with soap – instead, just use water and a stiff brush.

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