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How to Become a Microsoft Azure Developer

Contents Page

  • What Motivates Someone to Become an Azure Developer?
  • What Role Does Upskilling Play?
  • Skill set that Required :
  • The Advantages of Certification

So, how Do You Acquire These Azure-Related Skills?

Azure storage is one of the most prominent cloud computing systems utilized by businesses around the world today. This is an ideal field for a committed individual who wants to be a part of a rising, game-changing technology and the chances it provides.

Of course, there’s the issue of being Azure-qualified. Where and how does one begin? Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the correct place. You’re about to learn how to become an Azure developer from the inside. This post is for you if you already have some cloud abilities and want to improve them, or if you’re starting from scratch.

What Motivates Someone to Become an Azure Developer?

Because of its prominence, Microsoft Azure is an excellent platform for clever computer workers to learn. According to MarketWatch, Microsoft Azure is gaining 120,000 new subscribers per month.

Azure’s familiarity with Windows, simplicity of scalability, effective pricing, and hybrid-friendly interoperability make it an appealing solution for many enterprises, resulting in a high demand for Azure developers. That is why it makes sense to get the skills required for a career with several chances for employment and subsequent growth.

Furthermore, even if you are already working as a business developer, becoming adept with Azure will increase your value and marketability. You simply need to get the necessary skills, and enrolling in a professional Azure training course will assist you in this endeavor.

What Role Does Upskilling Play?

Perhaps you already have experience and skills in working with cloud computing platforms and simply need to polish and focus on one platform in particular, in this case, Azure. That is why upskilling is a good idea. The word “upskilling” simply means “teaching an already current employee more skills.” The majority of the time, businesses spend in staff training programs because new items or technology are being introduced, and they want in-house personnel who can handle the new acquisitions.

If your firm already uses a cloud computing platform but is considering a transition to MS Azure, upskilling will ensure that you are moving alongside your company and will save your employer from needing to hire an outside candidate to help run things. The situation isn’t that far-fetched, given Azure is becoming a more appealing alternative for developers.

Skills that Required :

If you want to become an Azure developer, you should have specific abilities and knowledge under your belt. To begin, there are three basic core abilities that should serve as a firm foundation, a launching point.

To begin, because you’re working with a Microsoft product, you should be familiar with MS products such as Powershell and Office 365, as these programs interface with Azure.

Second, if you wish to develop apps in Azure, you must have programming knowledge, specifically in languages such as JavaScript, SQL Server, and HTML5.

Finally, familiarity with cloud computing is a requirement! If you haven’t used Azure before but have expertise with AWS or Google Cloud, that will be beneficial. You should be familiar with how databases, servers, networks, and networking all function in a cloud context.

After you’ve mastered those three fundamental skills, you can move on to more specialized skills that are especially useful when designing software for the cloud, particularly using Azure.

Creating with a budget in mind. A good developer keeps track of how many resources they’re consuming, especially since many of the better, more affordable cloud plans charge based on usage.

In order to handle usage, processing demand, storage, and other variables, your data and applications must be adaptable and scalable.

Creating scripts for your environments. Environments must be scripted before they can be used as code. This makes it simple to rebuild the environment in the event of a disaster or if infrastructure needs to be updated fast and easily.

Prepare for volatility. Yes, we’re discussing attempting to foresee the unpredictability! That may appear contradictory, but consider it this way: While you can’t predict the unexpected, you can anticipate the most likely difficulties and have remedies ready to go no matter what strangeness comes your way.

Selecting the best services. Are you aware that Azure offers over 90 major services for securing, executing, and storing your app’s data? Which one is best for you and your organization, especially with so many options? You must develop the art of being a sophisticated consumer. So to speak, and determining what is best for the firm.

That’s just a small list of required talents, and as this article demonstrates. There’s no such thing as too much expertise when it comes to being an Azure developer.

The Advantages of Certification

Azure certification distinguishes you from the swarm of IT experts. Certification demonstrates to a potential employer. That you have the requisite skill sets to function specifically in the Azure cloud environment.

Many companies will state unequivocally that they prefer certified developers over individuals with vaguely defined experience programming on cloud platforms. Despite the fact that there are more job openings in the field than ever before, organizations can and will be picky about who they choose.

Certification validates your knowledge of Azure developer skills. It’s a positive step.

So, how Do You Acquire These Azure-Related Skills?

Okay, so we’ve established that Azure developer skills are vital in today’s world. Particularly if you want to make yourself more marketable and ready to face the problems and opportunities that the cloud presents. We’ve also established the importance of certification. So, how does one go about acquiring these abilities?

First and foremost, you can profit from your workplace’s in-house upskilling activities. Of course, if your organization isn’t using Azure and has no intentions to do so in the near future. This could be an issue. You could go it alone and enroll in online or continuing education courses. But then you’d have to decide which provider to use.

Fortunately, has you covered. The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions: 70-532 Certification Training Course teaches you about the Microsoft Azure development environment so that you may extend the functionality of an existing ASP.NET MVC application to Azure. You will learn how to build and deploy cloud apps, setup and deploy web applications. And construct and configure Azure virtual machines.

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