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How Is Double Solitaire Different From Classical Solitaire?

Double Solitaire is a series of card games that requires skill and strategy to play and win. It is a game of a single player, and the main goal of the game is to place the deck onto foundations in a sequence in the same suit. You have to start with an ace as you move all through to the king. You do not need to have an opponent to play solitaire; you can successfully play by yourself. 

There are many versions of solitaire; double solitaire and classic solitaire happen to be some of them. They offer adventure and fun while playing, although they seem to have some slight differences. If you wonder what these differences are, here is a detailed explanation to shed some light on the same.

What is Double Solitaire?

Also known as Klondike, double solitaire is a version of a solo-card game with an exception to the rule. This game has one main objective- building eight foundation piles, and you have to start with an Ace as you build in ascending order to the king. It falls under 2 player card games and involves using two decks. 

Please note that these two people each have their table. Once you layout your cards, you begin to play according to the type of layout you have. If your layout is the standard Russian, you must play exactly the Russian way.

As the game continues, you have to deal three cards at a time from your deck. The top card of your dealt cards is that you can use to play either on the table or on your foundation. Remember, you cannot play at your opponent’s table; you can only help them make the right moves to keep the game going. This is what makes double solitaire unique from other 2 player card games.

Tips and Strategies of Playing Double Solitaire

Remember, there are two decks and two people; make sure your decks are identifiable because you will need to mix up the cards. After mixing, you tell which deck is yours from your opponent’s. To determine the winner, you will have to count the cards on the foundation. The person with the most cards on the foundation wins the game.

Make sure you and your opponent have understood the rules of play. You should also be willing to play under pressure and use speed. It is important that the cards are not on top of each other but overlapping. This will enable you to see the top of every card on the pile.

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What is Classic Solitaire?

Classic solitaire is another version of solitaire and one of the most popular money-earning games. It involves strong cards which you have to move between columns as you play. The attempt is to put the cards in 4 piles separated by suit. Classic solitaire is also a perfect earning game you can play online and earn real cash.

Classic Solitaire Layout

This game has a unique layout different from double solitaire. As the game begins, you get 28 cards put into columns. The surface where you play is called the tableau. The first seven cards are dealt in row one facing up. The next six go to the right facing up, one more on the second pile face up, one in each pile face down. 

You have to continue with the same fashion as you keep dealing one card less every time until you end up with seven piles. The piles have to start on the left with one card as it keeps increasing with one more card in each column from left to right. The card on top of each pile must face up. 

Every time you get an Ace facing up, you have to place it in a row at the top. These become the foundations, and the remaining 24 cards go to the top left of the playing surface or screen. When you need additional cards, you can draw from them. This game is among the best money-earning games once you master the strategies and the tips of playing.

How to Play Classic Solitaire

The columns in classic solitaire are the tableau; they are the main play area where you have to move the cards from these columns into the foundations on the top right of the table or screen. You must build the foundation using the suit and sequence, starting from Ace to the king.

You can move any card to the foundations, but to move a card in a column, you must turn it face up. If you must turn a card face up, it must be the bottom card in a column. This allows all the cards below the face-down card to be moved into a different column. In simpler terms, every time you move a face-up card, you turn up the card below it. Once all the faces down cards are over in a pile, and you move the face-up card, you can use an available king to fill the space.

From the explanations above, it is evident that double and classic solitaire has some significant differences. The double solitaire needs two players but with different tableaus, while classic solitaire is a solo game and is a bit complicated. Remember, for you to win in classic solitaire, all the cards must face up in the suit.

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