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How can I recover my hacked Yahoo mail account?

the One can easily recover the hacked account if you did not take strong action immediately. This is the reason we are here. Yes in this guide, we are going to discuss the immediate way to get your hacked Yahoo account back. Yahoo mail users get stuck sometimes when there is some unusual activity with the account. These are clear symptoms of a hacked account and there are some more of them, let’s move ahead with it.

Most of the users ask about the way to recognize their hacked account. We will be going to discuss a few common yet major symptoms. Check and follow the steps to recover hacked Yahoo Mail Account immediately.

Symptoms of Hacked Yahoo Account

  • Yahoo Account password  changed
  • Mails in the inbox that you don’t recognize
  • Users will start receiving unexpected emails in their mail account
  • Different IP Addresses appear on the log
  • Some of your friends will start receiving spam emails

Recovery of Yahoo Password with Secret Question

When you create your account, the registered secret questions will not be there to use for account recovery. Yahoo will no longer use it as a recovery option. At its place, go to the Password Helper and enter the email address. If you have a mobile number on the account, the option will appear on the screen. In case of having no Mobile number, click on No, I can’t get that text or receive that text.

If you want to access that email account then, you must have an alternate email address. Click on Yes Email Me, and then, you will receive a “Recover Access to the Yahoo Account” to some other email address. Enter the verification code which Yahoo has sent you in the email and then, click on Submit and enter the code to access your account.

Quick Ways to Find Yahoo ID and to Restore Access

If you have forgotten your Yahoo ID then, move ahead with the Yahoo Account Recovery Wizard page. Follow the step-by-step prompts to recover the account information. The Yahoo Account Key is designed to make life simple. The main goal of this is to avoid password usage which is replaced by the authentication made with the mobile app. If you cannot use the Mobile app then, you can follow these steps that are mentioned in the required help section of Yahoo mail.

You can restore your Yahoo ID to restore the account from Desktop Computer and for that-

From Desktop

  • Go to the Yahoo Account Recovery Wizard, and enter one of the account recovery items that are mentioned and then, click on Continue
  • Follow the on-screen prompts that appear in the Account Recovery Wizard

From Mobile Device

On the Yahoo Sign-in page, you have to tap on the Trouble Signing In and enter the account recovery items that appeared in the Account Recovery Wizard and click on Continue. After that, follow the on-screen prompts that appear in the Account Recovery Wizard.

  • Yahoo Account Reactivation
  • Choose Sign in on the Yahoo homepage
  • Please enter your Yahoo email address and click on “next”
  • If your account is recoverable then, choose an option that appears and choose the recovery method (text or email)
  • Enter the verification code which you have received in the email message or text
  • If you have entered the verification code correctly then, you will be asked to create a new password. There you have to choose to Continue to change the password option
  • Choose Continue again and you might be asked to confirm the account recovery settings. There choose the Pencil icon to edit
  • You also can choose to Add email or Mobile number to add accounts and choose Looks good to move ahead

Yahoo Account Reactivation via Sign-in Helper

If you don’t have remembered your Yahoo Mail password then-

  • Go to the login.Yahoo.com/forgot. Enter the Yahoo mail address in the Email address or Phone Number field and choose Continue
  • Choose the Verification method via Text or Email. Enter the verification code which you have received by email message or text
  • Entered correctly verification code then, mail asked to create a new password There you have to select to continue to change the password. You have to choose the “I’ll Secure My Account Later” option in case if you know your password

You can now check that you have recovered your Yahoo Mail Password successfully and if you are stuck with any of it then, this is the time to get help from Yahoo Customer Care  Service executives as they know the exact way to get your account recovered immediately. There is no other option to consider if you are looking around for any sort of technical assistance related to your Yahoo mail account, even if there are available they are still not as efficient as they should be for handling all of this.

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