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Here’s How to Tie a Karate Belt

A martial arts belt is an item that is worn as a martial arts outfit. For best performance, most martial arts require athletes to wear a certain uniform.  Belts are a frequent component of every uniform for martial arts and help a lot to easily assess the effort athletes are putting into their training. These belts are a useful feature that may reveal a lot about a boxer to a spectator.

The colours of the belt have a significant impact. Colour range from lightest to the darkest emphasizes the achievements and accomplishments. For instance, maybe you would have heard about the black –belt, which is a symbol of proficiency and diligence throughout the performance. As the colours of the belt are light too, they refer to an average performance. The belts for martial arts are a sign of progress and a reward. Colours are mainly related to the ranks acquired by the athletes during their training. With each fighting style that has its own criterion for rankings, there are numbers allotted and colours representing the student’s rank.

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Why tying the belt is essential?

To this question, the answer comes with a number of reasons. As it is part of the uniform, it must be held in a perfect position and must be visible. This ensures to the audience that, the fighter is sincere, serious and devoted Not having the belt tied can cause a bad impression and eventually lower the morale.

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Before getting into, how to tie a karate belt, let’s figure out why!

The other reason that is obvious, tying a belt keeps the fighter in shape and helps to fight with no worries and distractions. Keeping the confidence level high surely boosts the performance. A belt is a reflection of all the efforts, devotions and dreams a fighter has. Jiu-jitsu has a style of belt that is not simple as the others, tying it in the right way can keep the GI closed well. A well-tied belt can have significance on the opponent during a fight. At first sight, the fighter will be considered disciplined, a good one to manage time and a motivated fighter. Never you can ignore the impact a belt has!

How to Tie Belt for Jiu-Jitsu

One of the basic ways comes with wrapping the belt on the waist of the fighter to the centre. Just near the belly button, the sides must be crossed to back and finally, bring them to front. This is followed by a strong knot that holds the sides, and don’t let them loose. The belts are made to keep the fighters in shape and make them up. Belts are tied regardless of the fighting style. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the belt is tied a little differently. After winding the belt, draw the left side of the strap under both belt straps, squeeze the right side of the belt over the first layer, the knot comes at the front. This method makes it virtually hard for a belt to come free without considerable effort, which is why it is utilised in the majority of tournaments.

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Tying the Karate Knot

Coming to Karate Belt, which is related mainly to the strikes. In Karate the emphasis is on the reflection made through tying the belt. Focusing on the appearance and outlook.

One side comes at the front, followed by drawing the other at the back at least twice. The end then has to be placed under the layers formed. Finally, a knot is tied to keep the straps remain in form.

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This knot usually aims to enhance the appearance so is a little easy to loosen.

Keep the Skin Clear

To clean up the dirt and refreshes the muscles, using a defense soap is very important. It helps to eliminate the sweat, germ and fungus if any. It helps the athletes to get rid of the odour. Keeps the skin tight and cleaned. Serves to prevent skin issues in future. Regular use of the soap keeps the fighters fit on the mat for long.

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