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Health and Fitness

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Yoga Anatomy

Do you possess a few years of yoga experience? Want to take this understanding to another level? Have you heard of the 200 hour yoga teacher training program? The 200 hour is a basic-level yoga teacher training that gives you in-depth lessons on yoga basics. This training covers a vast number of topics like Yoga Pranayama, body adjustment and alignment, Hatha yoga, and yoga anatomy among others.

The classes on yoga anatomy provide you deep knowledge about how your body functions. It introduces you to the different systems including digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular, and how these function. Attending classes for yoga anatomy gives you knowledge about how different joints and muscles in your body function when you do a specific yoga asana. To know more, pay attention to the information mentioned below.

The Benefits Of Learning Yoga Anatomy

Your body is made up of ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles. All of these work in close coordination when you practice yoga. Therefore, it is important to keep them healthy and functioning so you do not suffer an injury during a yoga session.

With that said, given below are three reasons why you must pay attention to yoga anatomy.

1. Understand Your Body Movement

Yoga includes not just practicing asanas but also connecting your body movement with breath. To understand body movement from an anatomical perspective, you should have knowledge of the planes of your body, and how moving different body parts leads to flexion and extension.

The challenge lies not in understanding these movements in theory but putting them into practice to different body parts. Take for example the Chair Pose. Do you know what is involved in making it easier for you to do this yoga asana? The answer lies below.

  • Your knees flex
  • The hips adduct and flex
  • The back extends
  • Your shoulders flex overhead and rotate externally
  • The elbows extend
  • Your forearms pronate
  • The cervical spine extends to tilt your head back

In other words, for you to practice one yoga asana there are a lot of body parts involved. Hence, learning yoga anatomy helps you understand all yoga asanas a little more in detail.

2. Understand Your Body Joints

It is clear that enrolling in 200 hour yoga teacher training gives you access to yoga anatomy. However, you should know that learning yoga anatomy gives you detailed knowledge of the joints in your body.

Learning about joints helps you understand which movement is safe for and which is risky. Do you know there are different types of movable joints like a hinge, ball and socket, ellipsoid, pivot, and saddle? The knowledge of body joints helps you acquire an in-depth understanding of the different types of joints.

3. Understand Your Muscles

With yoga anatomy, you also get to learn about different muscles in your body. Did you know that every muscle in your body is grouped according to your body’s movement and function? Learning about these muscles in combination with the body’s movement during asana practice helps you understand how a particular asana benefits your body. Moreover, you learn about the relationship between muscle and resistance.

Benefits Of Studying Yoga Anatomy For Yoga Teachers

However, that is not all. Do you know the major benefits that 200 hour yoga teacher training offers you with regards to yoga anatomy? Read to know.

1. Know The Benefits Of Yoga Poses

As a yoga teacher, you are there to help a student enter and exit a yoga pose without any discomfort. Learning yoga anatomy gives you the skills to make sure the student receives the maximum benefits of every asana.

Moreover, you gain knowledge about which yoga asanas are beneficial for digestion, which ones work on your core, and which help you sleep peacefully at night.

2. Understand Body Alignment

Learning yoga anatomy during the 200 hour yoga teacher training helps you learn proper body alignment. If you are not aware of how different joints, muscles, and bones work in your body, there will always be a risk of yoga injury.

As a yoga teacher, you should have in-depth knowledge about different yoga poses. This gives you the confidence to prevent students from doing a yoga pose the wrong way.

3. Learn To Manage Pain

Numerous studies have shown how different yoga poses help alleviate pain. Moreover, it has been recommended for individuals with depression and PTSD. Learning about yoga anatomy provides you the tools to help a student practice yoga asanas without feeling any discomfort.

There it is! The reasons why learning about yoga anatomy during the 200 hour yoga teacher training is a win-win situation for you as a yoga teacher.


Do you want to help yoga practitioners do a yoga asana without any pain and discomfort? You should learn yoga anatomy by enrolling in the 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Although it is beginner-level yoga teacher training but does help you understand everything about yoga anatomy. In the long run, you are in a better position to help students practice yoga without any risk of injury.

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