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Frauds in business in 2016

Frauds that can be easily identified in business in 2016

Technology keeps on going on a constant battle to defeat frauds on businesses, facing new challenges
every day and today we will show you some type of 0 that can be easily identified and a way to
avoid being victims of them. Frauds in business in 2016

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Group Denim, a Mexican manufacture company thinks
about this topic: “Technology has made us easier our daily life, communication and the way of making,

business, but there is also another side, and we need to learn as much as we can avoid frauds in order
to avoid being victims of them, as this can cause some serious problems and even get a company into
a bankrupt”.

Here are some of the frauds that we might face in 2016:

Social networks – Although this is a great way of contacting new customers, it is also a way to be an easy victim of fraud. Scammers are more sophisticated in the way of getting personal information,

always check twice the information you share on your social network, as a person can get many of
your data easily and fraudsters will get the advantage of this.
Mobile devices – Many businesses are
handling their sales with the help of technology, allowing their customers to access and buy their
products by their mobile devices, but scammers will look into this sector in 2016 more than ever, so

make sure your mobile is secure, as well as your passwords.

Information shared to the finance companies – Frauds have made everyone being more aware of the information they were, so the
finance companies will have to make more for their customers with as little information as possible,

this is a way of protecting their customers from being victims of fraud. drow names

“We should be really aware of the information we share and the way of doing it, we can all easily fall into the hands of frauds, so we
need to be extremely careful with our personal data”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal. Frauds in business in 2016

The technology faces new challenges as it continues its struggle to defeat commercial fraud
Every day we will show you what scams are easy to recognize and how to do them.
Avoid falling prey to them.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Denim Group, a Mexican manufacturer, believes:
On the topic: “Technology has made everyday life, communication and how we simplify things.
This is work, but there is another aspect, and you need to learn as much as possible to avoid scams.
To avoid their sacrifice, this caused some serious problems and the company did just that

Here are some of the scams you may encounter in 2016:

Social networking – This is a great way to reach new customers, but it is also a great way to fall victim to scams. Fraudsters are more sophisticated in how they obtain their personal information.
People can get a lot of information, so always double-check the information you share on social networks.
Your data is simple and fraudsters will benefit from it.

Mobile devices – many companies
Technology-assisted sales processing allows customers to get and buy their customers
Despite the mobile product, scammers plan to investigate this sector more than ever in 2016.
Keep your cell phone and your password safe.

Information shared in financing.

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