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Drafting the Connection between Math Tutoring and the Real World

As much as we hate to say it, math is everywhere. That is why math tutoring in Calgary is important for understanding math. It’s how we understand the most complicated stuff in our day-to-day lives.

You can find math in unexpected and questionable places. Sometimes you don’t even notice the places it’s involved because it is everywhere. Jim Williams offers diverse Calgary tutoring services. Our services help a student to equip themselves for every math battle. 

Let’s discuss how Math is everywhere and why math tutoring Calgary is important.

Can I Live Without Math?

Have you ever thought in your math class where you’re ever going to use the quadratic formula or whatever you’re being taught?  Or have you ever wondered how irrelevant math is to our day-to-day lives? Math is everywhere!

You might not have to use advanced-level mathematics if you want to be a doctor or maybe a fashion designer. Though there’s no way you can escape basic math, you’ll need it your whole life.

So, here we list a few examples where you’ll always need math. 

Math and grocery shopping

Ever gone grocery shopping and paid more than what you had to? Well, that can happen when you’re weak in basic math. 

You use math when you are buying a bunch of items. It helps you pick the 2 liters, 24 liters, or 12 pack soda and calculate where you get the highest discount. Math skills come in handy as it helps you increase your savings! 

Baking made easy

Who doesn’t enjoy baking? The different types of cakes and cupcakes you can bake! Our mouths are watering already.

Measuring your products’ number is a vital step in baking that perfect sponge cake. Enter math. Figuring out how much is a ½ cup of flour or a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda is all math. If you think about it, math makes our lives more delicious.

Painting your child’s room

Math is a very contributing factor here. This is a great activity for your child to indulge in; it will help sharpen their math skills as well.

It will help them calculate how much paint they need for a certain wall or calculate the perimeter of the tiles they want in their new bathroom. It will help them out when they want to remodel their future home or a building.

Telling the time

Time is a very valuable attribute. It helps organize our lives and develop a habit of being punctual. 

Math teaches us to read the time of a clock. It helps us figure out the different time zones and achieve goals in a given time frame. Especially when you have so many distractions, math comes to the rescue. Math tutoring based in Calgary is a great way to kick-start your frozen math skills and derive goals. 

Making calls

Communication is a very important part of our lives. Talking to a friend, family member, distant cousin, everything involves using numbers. 

To do all that, you need to have basic knowledge of math. What numbers are and how they work. Only then can you avail all the benefits technology has to offer.

Conducting parties

The wonderful party you’ve been planning for your friends also requires math.

Figuring out the number of plates and cups you’ll need, or how big the venue should be to fit a certain number of people, yes, that is all math. They all require division, multiplication, etc.

Jim Williams Calgary tutoring services can help you manage all the numbers involved in your party.


If you’re a plant person always looking for places you can plant stuff, you’re using math here too.

You have to sow from figuring out the number of seeds to digging up holes. This is all math without you even knowing it. You’re adding or subtracting constantly.


Math and music are very closely connected. 

We use math and numbers to understand and teach music. Did you know that ratios and fractions help understand music’s rhythmic and melodic notes? 


Math plays a major role if you’re into sports.

It helps improve your analytical and decision-making skills, which are important to athletes for making a prompt decision. If you lack math skills, you might not be able to make the best choices.

Mathematician may or may not be an athlete, but an athlete should be a mathematician. Everything in sports is calculated and a player with best calculations can not be easily knocked down.  

Last Words

Math is involved everywhere. Therefore getting tutored for it is vital. Jim Williams Calgary tutoring services offer the most comprehensive and well-structured course for math.

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