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Health and Fitness

Does Winstrol affect anxiety levels?

What is Winstrol:

Winstrol steroid falls under the category of anabolic-androgenic drugs. This drug is a synthetic form of steroid which works similar to the naturally occurring testosterone and is useful primarily to treat hereditary angioedema. Hereditary angioedema is a type of medical disorder which results in severe pain and swelling also known as angioedema. It results pain and swelling in different muscle groups and also different parts of body including airway, face, limbs etc. To overcome this disorder, doctors prescribe such patients Winstrol. This pharma product is a prescription only drug and it is used as a preventive measure. Winstrol or winny prevents the severity of attacks in case of angioedema. It comes under the label of schedule III drugs. This anabolic steroid is also a favorite product of bodybuilders to increase their overall performance. Winstrol comes in both form of dosage i.e., in the form of injectables and pills or oral tablets. Still, it is highly recommended to use Winstrol pills to avoid any damage to the liver, kidney, or any other vital organs.

Significance of using Winstrol:

There are a large number of benefits associated with the use of Winstrol steroids:

  1. Winny really helps to increase the production of red blood cells or RBCs.
  2. Winstrol tablet when taken regularly helps to give more oxygen especially to the muscles and vital organs.
  3. Professional athletes and bodybuilders can also experience massive increase in their strength by taking Winstrol.
  4. This anabolic steroid also helps to boost acceleration.
  5. Those bodybuilders and athletes who use winny regularly observe faster recovery from vigorous workout routines.
  6. It also boosts metabolism which helps supplicate a lean physique.
  7. In some cases, Winstrol helps in fat loss if used with proper guidance along with nutrition balance.
  8. Winstrol helps bodybuilders to achieve more defined muscles and vascularity.

Side effects:

Just like any other anabolic steroid, Winstrol can also cause a number of side effects. These side effects are similar to other anabolic agents. These side effects include:

  1. Heart palpitations
  2. Abundant growth of hairs on different parts of the body.
  3. Acne and skin rash
  4. Winstrol can lead to premature baldness.
  5. Winny can result in liver damage if taken in heavy doses.
  6. Sore joints is also a side effect of using Winstrol.
  7. It can also reduce the lipid levels in the body.
  8. This steroid can also decrease the levels of testosterone significantly.
  9. It increases blood cholesterol level in the body which could be really harmful for those who suffer from heart diseases.
  10. Overdose or frequent use can also cause temporary or permanent infertility.
  11. Mood swings are more usual and aggressive behavior is evident with winny use.
  12. In women use of Winstrol can cause menstrual irregularities and stomach bloating.
  13. It can lead to depression and anxiety episodes in women.
  14. Enlargement of clitoris is also associated with winstrol steroid use.
  15. The frequent use of winny can shrink the size of female breasts.
  16. Women may also experience excessive hair growth on different body parts along with face.

Who should avoid taking Winstrol?

Before taking any such anabolic steroids, it is imperative that you consult a doctor or healthcare professional. Same is the case with the use of Winstrol steroid. There are different medical and health conditions in which it is preferrable to avoid the use of Winstrol pills and injections. These health conditions may include:

  1. Heart issues like pulmonary cardiac disease.
  2. Those people who are diabetic either type 1 or type 2.
  3. People going through liver damage or liver toxicity.
  4. This steroid should not be taken by those who suffer from clotting problems.
  5. Women especially those who suffer from breast cancer and men who have prostate cancer should not use Winstrol.

Can Winstrol cause severe anxiety?

Steroid abuse, be it Winstrol or any other, can lead to increased anxiety levels. The regular or frequent use of Winstrol steroid can increase one’s dependence on this drug. It is pretty evident to see physical properties of winny which can react with the user and affect anxiety levels. Hence, Winstrol affects the certain behavioral changes which includes anxious outlook towards life generally.


The dosing criteria of the steroid can vary depending on certain factors. New users of anabolic steroids should start this drug in low dose and then increase it over time when they have started to tolerate the winny effects well. Normally, the dose of Winstrol or winny for beginners should be 40 mg. This is a standard dose and should not exceed 80 mg a day. This is preferrable for men who are into muscle building and fitness. However, in the case women the standard dose of Winstrol should be even lesser comparative to men. Studies suggest that It should be somewhere around 5 mg a day. It is vital to note that if the dose is above this level, risks of masculinization may increase. Moreover, this applies to women who are newbies to the fitness industry. In the case of professional female athletes, the dose can be up to 15 mg a day. And if you’re taking it in injectable form, the dose should be 100 mg a day and should not go above 300 mg a day.

Alternative of Winstrol:

Since this steroid is a powerful one, it can lead to serious outcomes as well. This is the reason why people often look for alternatives of this drug. One of the most preferrable alternative of Winstrol which is safe and legally available in the market is Winsol. It comes under the brand name Crazy Bulk. Winsol is a nutritional supplement available over the counter. It is regarded relatively safer for consumption.

Where to buy Winstrol?

As is mentioned, Winstrol is a schedule III anabolic steroid and that is why it’s a prescription only drug. This also means that this steroid cannot be purchased or sold over the counter. A valid medical prescription from doctor or a clinic is mandatory to buy Winstrol UK. However, those who do not have a prescription and looking to buy winstrol UK may do so online. This route is illegal to take but many bodybuilders and athletes lay their hands on this drug through same backdoor channels.

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