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Different Types of Beds that your Home needs in 2022

Saraf Furniture, Beds are perhaps the most noticeable and crucial aspect in a bedroom, as they take up a lot of space in general. Making a choice from a wide variety of beds is an important component of home design. We often take things for granted so much that we neglect the importance of quality and durability.

People utilize beds to rest, watch movies, and most importantly, sleep. We are largely living at home throughout a pandemic, and as a consequence, bed use has risen by hours. Different varieties of new beds have recently been introduced to the market, which one should be aware of. You can check some of them at double bed price in India.

So, let’s talk about different types of beds that your home will require in 2022.

  1. Diwan Beds

They are by far the most common and basic types of beds. If you have a tiny apartment, divan beds are the best option. This is due to the fact that these beds have established storage and thus take up less space. The best feature is that, despite their small size, these mattresses offer a good high level of comfort, exactly like regular beds. They come in a variety of styles and colours and are often most comfy.

  1. Platform Bed

These light-weight beds, often known as panel beds, are easy to shift. They have no legs, and their wood base rests squarely on the floor. They blend in with any decor and are noted for their simplicity and comfort of use; and also come with storage systems.

With the flow of time, these beds have developed to include removable legs. Long legs help strengthen the bed, and household bed designs with removable legs are also available.

  1. Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great alternative if you’re looking for beds for kids but have a limited amount of space. You’ll find a variety of beds and desks at small desk for bedroom for a tiny room where your children can sleep together. A bunk bed may be a wonderful addition for even single kids or youngsters who do not want to share a bedroom since the additional bunk is the perfect spot for friends to stay during slumber parties. Both boys and girls benefit by having friends who are comfortable spending nights and weekends with them.

  1. Floor beds

In Indian houses, floor beds are widespread. You can also add some mattresses to make beds look larger. It can handle a lot of people and is ideal for large Indian families who enjoy living and growing together. When sleeping on a floor bed, youngsters discover that they have complete flexibility to move anywhere. This motivates kids to investigate their environment and builds autonomy, allowing youngsters to experience the world on their own.

  1. Canopy Beds

Traditionally designed to keep people warm and provide privacy, canopy beds are today prized for their luxurious appearance. Check out some furniture pieces at wooden folding bed price.

Fabric stretched over the head and over the sides of these beds, which are commonly four-posters, is often embellished with tassels or other features to create interest. Curtains are beneficial for both aesthetic and security from flies, bugs, and other insects.

  1. Storage Beds

If you live in a tiny house or apartment and seeking a location to put all of your belongings is a difficulty, particularly throughout the changing seasons, storage beds are the ideal answer for properly storing these goods without filling up additional space. Your living space becomes much more managed and available for other functions instead of storage when you have additional space to store your clothing and other possessions.

  1. Sofa-cum Beds

As the term indicates, you may use it as a sofa during the day and transform it to a bed every night or whenever you need to relax. It is spacious, comfy, and comes in a variety of bed styles with chairs. Additional storage, pleasant sleeping capacity, and seats are provided by the aesthetics and refinement of furniture in the sofa cum beds price.


Saraf Furniture is a leading furniture store in India. It has a lot of varieties of furniture with an affordable range. Saraf Furniture has many branches in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, Hyderabad, and SardarShahar.

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