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Daily SEO Checklist: 4 Daily SEO Task to Boost your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO is not a one-time task that you perform and forget about altogether. It is more like a way of life for website optimization, an ongoing process, or more like a daily routine that keeps giving results in the long run. 

SEO is a discipline that requires strategy and planned tactics to be successful. Audits and keyword optimizations have some impact on the organic results. It is difficult to be consistently high in the ranking and get substantial organic traffic, or convertible leads without daily commitment towards a few SEO tasks. 

Here, we are sharing 4 Daily SEO tasks that if performed regularly, will help you with your SERP rankings and get good ROIs in the future. 

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Share Relevant Content

While content is the key factor that helps SEO to rank better, it is not possible to post content daily for many businesses. In such cases try to post on a weekly or monthly basis and maintain consistency. If you post a blog every Monday, your audience will be expecting it, and being regular with this posting will get you regular visitors and eventually, prospective clients. 

There may also be some content that needs repurposing. Old blogs can be revamped or used as social media posts. Look out for such pieces of content and use them wherever you can.  

Keep the content up to date with the current affairs to get better interactions with it. Also, another essential SEO task to be done religiously is to reply to any comments you get on your content. Doing so will engage the readers and make them feel important to your business. You can also establish authority in your niche by commenting on other blogs and sharing your inputs. 

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Make a Strong Internal Link Structure 

A good internal linking structure is like an open invitation to search engines and site visitors. Work on improving this link structure daily.  

As your site grows you should also continue improving that internal linking structure. Contextual links add extra value to your carefully crafted content. Getting no links from other pages of your site in the content is simply a waste of time and effort without getting the needed value for your blogs.  

Cornerstone content is another area where daily SEO efforts of linking have to be focused. Add links to cornerstone content while updating or publishing such articles. Check recent posts to ensure none of them are missing links to relevant cornerstones. 

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Educate Yourself with Current Happenings

Staying current on industry news keeps you on top of your game. It helps you stay abreast with the latest updates and changes occurring in the digital field, introduces you to new trends and techniques, mission-critical alerts and updates announced by search engines, and more.  

Know Your Current Metrics. Monitoring the SEO performance metrics once a day is important for businesses that rely on E-commerce transactions. Perform top metrics to know how your website performs in search and recognize red flags in time.

You need to take action if you find: 

  • A specific position drop. 
  • A drop in sales or lead volume. 
  • An organic traffic drop. 

Google Analytics can also provide useful data to optimize any website. If you can master all aspects of Google Analytics, you become a master SEO with time.  

On the other hand, if you have limited time and understanding of the tool, these two reports checked weekly should do the trick for you.  

1. Source/Medium Report 

Find this in the ‘Acquisition’ section under ‘all traffic’. It shows where your site’s visitors come from. You will know whether you get organic traffic from search engines like Google from this report. It helps analyze sources with a high bounce rate and sources driving maximum traffic to the site. 

2. Landing Pages Report  

Find this report in the ‘Behaviour’ section under ‘All pages. These pages make the first impression as they are the initial pages people visit. It gives an insight into the things site visitors are interested in and tells you if the description of a page on Facebook or SERPs was interesting enough to be clicked.  

Try analyzing this data for the bounce rate of landing pages like the homepage.  

Microsoft offers a free analytics tool Microsoft Clarity. It is worth trying to gather interesting data for the future. 

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence 

Having a website demands hard work. The main task is getting a regular flow of traffic which eventually converts into actual buyers. 

Staying visible to the audience plays a key role here and this can only be achieved through regular social media interactions. Choose a relevant platform to your product or service and make sure you post regular updates of products and events on that platform.  

Your followers love hearing from you, so show them that your account is active with blog posts, daily work-life updates, pictures of events organized recently, or other interesting articles.  

Don’t forget to reply to all the comments on your posts as that will keep the audience engaged with your brand and make them feel important to your business. 

Create a social media strategy as a part of your daily SEO checklist and follow it daily to get good results through it. 

Search engine optimization can not only save a dwindling business but also give it a good boost.  

If you have any queries regarding SEO, you can ask our Search Engine Optimization experts directly at ItsGeekynerd. ItsGeekynerd is the fastest-growing Digital Marketing agency and provides services all over the world.

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Summing Up

Apart from the above-mentioned daily SEO tasks to boost your website and get good ROI, keep an eye for duplicate or repetitive content on different pages. Try combining similar topics or removing old and redundant blogs. Keep the content fresh and crisp at all times. 

Keep in mind that there should not be unnecessary pages on your site. If you need to remove some, do that at once, and don’t wait for a quarterly or yearly maintenance period to do that. 

After all, site and page loading speed play a vital role in the good SEO ranking of your site for search engines. 

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