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Common Types of Literature Review

What is an overview of literature?

Literature reviews are an analysis of scholarly resources that provide an overview of a specific area. Literature reviews comprise the most pertinent and influential publications related to the topic to give a complete review of what has been written about the subject and by who. The fundamental components of a literature review are:

  • A description of the publication
  • an overview of the main elements;
  • an analysis of the research gaps
  • an assessment of the contribution made by the publication to the field.

What’s the distinction between a literature review and Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography provides an inventory of your sources that includes a brief summary of the contents and the connection between the publication and your research topic. Literature reviews provide providing a brief overview of the subject that explains the differences between publications from each other and an analysis of the way each publication contributes to the debate in understanding and discussion of the subject.

What’s the point of an analysis of literature?

The goal of literature reviews is to present a summary of the literature on the subject for the reader to determine his or her place in the area of research on that area. Literature reviews provide a reader with a thorough review of previous discussions that predate the ones the reviewer is expected to make in their own study paper or thesis or dissertation. In short, the literature review informs readers of the point at which the reviewer is engaging in the academic debate about a specific topic within the context of current scholarship.

How do I write an article review?

The length and length of your literature analysis will depend according to the scope of the project. If you’re writing a 10-page argument essay it is possible to include five to six sources to go through, as you’ll be making your argument There isn’t a definitive calculation to determine how many or how much. Make your own judgments and, the most important thing is to consult with your instructor regarding expectations.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to writing your research review:

  1. Set Your Goal

    If you’re writing an argumentative essay write your thesis statement in the clearest argument. If you’re looking to evaluate the scientific theory, create an idea to study. And if you’re providing an overview of your own writings on a particular topic, you must state your purpose for the project. When you begin an essay, outline your essay’s objective so that the research will be anchored to a particular perspective.

  2. Do Your Research

    Check out a selection of books that are most relevant to your subject and the position you are in, and written by scholars who are relevant to your topic. Find out who the leading authors are in your academic discipline, and make certain to include the most relevant publications written from those experts.

  3. The Ground Summary is relevant

    In your summary of each publication, you should provide the significance of the publication by linking its major aspects to your thesis, hypothesis, or your project’s statement. What does it have to do with the topic? Find its connection to the topic.

  4. Develop Review Logically

    Imagine your literature review as a building of an argument. First of all, you must think about it.

  5. Include References/Works Cited List

    When you write the review of literature, you’ll include author names as well as the year of publication in your writing However, you’ll have to create a comprehensive list of citations for each piece at the conclusion of your essay.

But, not many have the experience of working on literature review assignments.

There are different types of literature review assignments that might come your way during your academic tenure. Every single format has its own style, and you need to prepare the same accordingly.

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To help you out, we are here to elaborate to you about the different types of literature review assignments that might come your way regularly. Going through the same can help you understand how to take things ahead. Let’s get started:

Argumentative Review

When it comes to an augmentative literature review, it is basically an opinion about the topic. It is sort of a debate where you put your argument as per your stats and facts. It needs to be written in such a way that people feel connected to your opinion. This requires a lot of research because an argument without proper information that backs your viewpoint is certainly not going to get accepted. To make it convincing and prove your claims, you must research well and try to include all the facts and stats that fully back your argument.

Integrative Review

When it comes to integrative review, it is basically a form of research that synthesizes a specific topic in a way that there are different opinions generated. It is basically a critique that describes a particular topic from different angles, and this leads to a different viewpoint. So, it is important that you research well about the topic and from all angles so that you present your content a lot more convincingly and get the readers hooked to it till the end. It is going to be successful only if it is clear and to the point in every statement that you have made.

Historical Review

The next literature review that you are going to be assigned during the time of your academic course is a historical review. As the name suggests, this type of review is more related to elaborating on a period. This type of review is more based on the concept emergence or theory abundance in the field of literature. Here you have to describe the evolution of the respective theory or concept precisely as per the set format. But, while doing so, you need to make sure that every single historical context you have discussed is genuine and authentic. It needs detailed research to complete the same accurately.

Methodological Review

When it comes to methodological review, it is not more focused on what was said or when was it said. It is more about the way it was said or specified. Going this way helps one understand the different elements of the field or concept that is being discussed.

You need to compare these theories with the existing ones and put every aspect related to them in detail.

It helps the researchers to come out with proper understanding starting from the conceptual level to practice as well. It has a specific format and needs to be completed accordingly. If the task is not completed accordingly, then you might have to face the consequences of poor grades.

Systematic Review

When it comes to a systematic review. It is more sort of an answer to a formulated question with proper evidence. The formulated research question needs an answer that has used different standardized methods to assess. And properly collect the information related to it. It also needs detailed repotting and studies that give your answer the support it needs. All these aspects complete this systematic review. Even this review requires a lot of research so that you can back your answer convincingly. And enhance your chances of scoring good grades.

Theoretical Review

This type of review is more about the theories that have been described in your subject. You need to dig deep into the theories that have been discussed in your field of study and elaborate on the same. You need to compare these theories with the existing ones and put every aspect related to them in detail.

Last Words

These are the different types of Literature reviews that you are going to be assigned. If you are looking for a reliable company to assist you with your needs for literature review by assignment help Australia experts. Then you can connect with the experts at MyAssignmentHelpAu. You get all the needs covered as per your given specifications. And that too at very nominal rates of only $8 per page. Get connected now for quality service and boost your chances of good grades.

You need to compare these theories with the existing ones and put every aspect related to them in detail.

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