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Best Fabric for Bed Sheets to Stay Cool

A perfect sleep is what everyone dreams of. Best Fabric for Bed Sheets to Stay Cool But not everyone is lucky enough to get it. Apart from other reasons, one major contributor to this dilemma is heat and sweat that do not let people have a night of adequate sleep. Your Luxury bedroom bedsheet plays a significant role in providing you comfort in such situations. But most people who spend thousands on other things compromise on their sheets.

And some do not know which fabrics are best for bedsheets to stay calm.

Therefore, we will discuss some of the very comfortable fabrics for the best bed sheets in this article.

What Are Cool Bed Sheets?

Sheets are commonly rated as cooling ones, depending on their breathability and absorption factor.  Breathability is the inability of the sheet to trap the heat released by your body, whereas absorption is the amount of sweat it soaks in itself that your body produces. And breathability depends on the closeness of the threads in the sheet. If the sheet is made by tightly weaving the threads just like in silk, they will keep you warm, but if the threads are loosely packed, they will keep you cool.

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheet?

While choosing the bed sheet, you must look at these two factors:

  • Thread count
  • Fabric

The thread count is the thickness of the sheet and reflects its quality. The higher the thread count the better the quality. But it is also associated with heat. Bed sheets with higher thread counts are warmer than those with less count. To maintain the quality and heat factor, we suggest you opt for a sheet with around 300 to 450 thread count. Then comes the fabric. Bed sheets made from cotton, linen, bamboo, satin or microfiber are good at regulating temperatures and providing a good night’s sleep.

Best Fabric for Bed Sheets to Stay Cool

As mentioned above, sheets made from thinner fabrics are more good at maintaining low temperature than those made from thicker materials. And they are also more breathable.

Let’s discuss a little detail about these fabrics.

Cotton Sheets

Due to its absorption, breathability, affordability, and durability, cotton is the most used material for bedsheets. It has dual properties. While it can maintain a low temperature in summers, it also keeps you warm in the winters. Moreover, you can find a variety of bedsheet designs in this fabric.

Bamboo Sheets

As the name suggests, the fabric of these sheets is made from bamboo wood. The fibers extracted from bamboo are more environmentally friendly than any other fabric. They give a feel of silk or satin but have many different properties. You will be surprised to know that bamboo is more breathable than cotton, and it is the best option to keep you cool on summer nights. But these sheets are pretty expensive but looking at the quality we get in this sheet, this price is justifiable.

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester and are relatively inexpensive than most other fabric bed sheets. They manage heat quite well and are pretty durable but not much breathable.

Linen Sheets

Linen is a ticker fabric compared to cotton, and it is also not as soft as cotton. So, if you are looking for a smoother and comfortable option, then linen is not your thing. But if we rate this fabric on breathability and durability, then many other materials will lack way behind it.

Satin Sheets

Satin sheets are similar to silk sheets in silkiness. They are also counted among luxurious sheets; although not durable, satin sheets are highly breathable and cool. These can be the best bedsheet choice for summers.


These are some of the very breathable bed sheets fabrics that you can find. Now the decision is yours. You can choose any of these considering your budget and requirements. But whatever material you buy, keep in mind that a bedsheet is a long term investment. So, try to purchase it from some authentic place to get durability and guarantee with other benefits.

One last piece of advice is to not compromise on bedsheet designs while looking for quality.

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