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Computers and Technology

An Ideal Review About the TP-link Wireless AX11000 Router

Hii! I am Roy and I have been using the TP-link Wireless AX11000 Router for the last two years. During the pandemic, I was bored so one of my friends recommended the TP-Link archer and since then I am the official user of the wifi router. I also experience that it is one of the fastest wifi routers and loaded with many latest or enhanced features. This router is specially made for video gamers. Because it provides high-speed internet connection. As it has an anti-malware tool and multi-Gig WAN support which is easy to install and also it is gamer-friendly. 

While you play games then you experience its ten Gbps of speed which is perfect for gaming. The setup is too tricky but you can use the tp-link archer ax11000 manual that can help you to configure the settings of the wireless router. It also ensures that you enjoy optimizing the streaming of video games. You also get the OFDMA latest technology that helps to increase the average capability of the router and also reduces the lagging.

Merely connect the hardware of the TP-link Wireless AX11000 Router

The TPlink Wireless AX11000 Router is a little bit costly but the money you spend on the wireless router gets you complete control over the online gaming bandwidth. Along with that, the design of the router is attractive as well. It comes in the red spotlight and black textured and it emerges as a great combo of the color that can attract anyone. But you need to hardware install the router and for that check that points.

Place the TP-Link router

The TP-Link wireless router should not be placed where it gets a massive heat temperature or exposed due to explosion. You need to locate the router in that place where it can be easily connected to other wireless devices and also get a secure electrical outlet. Also, you need to ensure that all the cables are effectively connected to the power cord. Do not place the wifi router on the shelf or any table. Moreover, keep the wireless router away from electromagnetic devices like Cordless phones, microwaves, or Bluetooth devices. 

How can you Connect the TP-Link wireless router?

Before you start running the TP-Link wireless router, kindly turn off the power of the modem and also remove the battery and hold the antenna of the router and install it into the device. You can also move the antennas to get a better networking experience. You can use the internet connection with the help of an Ethernet cable and use any DSL or satellite cable that can connect to the modem with a 2.5 Giga WAN port and then you can choose any method to complete the installation of the router.

For the installation, you need a WAN port with an Ethernet cable and then turn on the power of the modem. Hence, wait for a few minutes until the device restarts. Henceforth connect the router with the modem via a power adapter. The LED light on the device also helps to find the setup of the device. You can use three different modems for the setup of the TP-Link wireless router

TP-Link Wired connection

This is a very simple and casual method. In the wired connection of the router, just turn on the power of the router and the modem as well. Now connect the router to the client device by using an Ethernet cable. If you don’t have an Ethernet cable or you have a damaged cable then you can go with the wireless method or the WPS method for the setup of the device.

TP-Link Wireless connection

In the wireless connection for the TP-link, you have to find out the SSID name and the wireless password which you find on the label at the bottom of the device. Then go to the wifi settings of the router and then tap on the icon of the laptop. Therefore, choose the SSID network name tplinkwifi net and then join the wifi connection.

TP-Link WPS Button method

Make sure that your device should support the WPS button. If it supports then read this article further. If it doesn’t work then you can choose any of the above methods. On the TP-link tethering app, click on the WPS icon. Along with that, also press the button for two minutes. When you hear music from the router then immediately release the button. Now the TP-Link wireless router is connected to the app and ready to use. 

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